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“Dynasty dominant without demur”

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English Poetry

“Dynasty dominant without demur”


An amateur successor of dominant dynasty clamours

Fatuous favour for dynastic rule to be preferred ever !

India, though already sustaining dynastic dependence,

Emotionally for the last 64 years of  Her Independence !

Nehru dynasty has since been reigning without demur,

Save a few intermittent breaks under some rival clamour !

Numbered are the dynasties distinctly remaining dominant,

Innocent Indian people emotionally make them so prominent !

Electioneering tactic woos voters eagerly to be subservient,

Through enticing oratory ethnic enough to win public intent !

Besides inert dominance of Congress Party in the centre,

No other party proved ever so stable and firm to enter !

Let us now glance judiciously also at our regional States,

Where, too, dynastic dominance analogously mandates !

Regional dynastic dominance is attributable to:

Families of Chowdhary Charan Singh, Mulayam Singh Yadav,

Chowdhary Devil Lal, Sharad Pawar, Rajesh Pilot, Bal Thakare,

Prakash Singh Badal, N. Karnunanidhi, Farrukh Abdullah,

N.T. Rama Rao, Vijay Raje Sindhia, H.D. Deo Gordha, Y.S.R. Reddi.

International dominating dynasties are:

Demo-Republican Dynasty of Bush (USA), Anti-martial campaign

of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Pakistan), Monarchy-prone Democratic

Koirala Family of Matritika Prasad (Nepal), Bhandar Naike Family

of Sri Mao Bhandar Naike (Sri Lanka), Haseena Khalida Family and

Khalida Jiya Jiyaurrehman (Bangla Desh).

The whole Indian political scenario envisages en effect that:

Over 100 crores of people are unforgiveably inclined to abate !

In spite of  lacs of them being virtually better and wiser advisers

Than the dynastic status quo of existing introvert colonizers !

The dominant ruling dynasties always clamour fatuous favour,

Via fabricated statistics of their every day-to-day endeavour !

Credit of developments is little attributable to ruling personnel,

As it involves  sharing goodwill money ex officio in each channel !

The results of dynastic rule can be broadly enumerated below:

1) In 1962,  India  faced dreadful devastation in Indo-China War,

Due to ignorantio elenchi of J.L. Nehru to foresee it afar;

2) Infructuous huge expenditure is being incurred on repeatedly

arrogant Indo-Pak talk for negotiations about Kashmir Issue;

3) Eradication of corruption and poverty stand only as slogans without result;

4) Rich dynasties are being immensely richer and the poor public, the poorer;

Each endeavour of Government entails high cost to the exchequer,

Which they nibble lavishly despite their being its care-taker !

Our nation thus seems like having been purchased by them,

The hoi polloi surviving under their umbrella and scam !

Ability, eligibility and education are not thought in dynasty,

Preferable on priority remains  dishonesty against honesty !

Shamefully it is felt irksome to remain sustaining such laxity,

It is hence enjoined upon the youth to dissipate the compexity !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    A fantastically beautiful elucidation
    Of rule of dynasty in what we call is our democracy
    Perpetrating & promoting corruption, looting & dishonesty
    Instead of serving the Mother with sincerity & removing poverty
    They are treating the nation’s assets as their fathers’ personal property…..
    Kudos for the poem which is like in poetry a discharge of poet’s blessed duty……

    (Some proper names appearing in the poem needs editing & correcting, though not affecting understanding)

    Stars 5 + + + +

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