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“I & My”

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English Poetry


“I & My”


‘I’, the 9th letter of English alphabet envisages self-pride,

If “I’ stands as a groom supposedly, ‘My” is his bride !

‘I’ ever stands vertical going up proudly quite straight,

“My’ remains horizontal ever eager to augment mandate !

Anybody well suited-booted with a well befitting tie,

Also keeps standing vertical analogously as does  ‘I’ !

Grammatically ‘I’ is classified as First Person Pronoun,

‘You and ‘He’ be Second and Third Persons to pronounce !

‘I’, ”You’ and ‘He’ all are always indulged in excursion,

Each of them exchanges oneself by casual conversion !

Self-pride and selfishness arise when anyone becomes ‘I’

All the pronouns becoming ‘I’ try to fulfil it until they die !

This causes in our life inadvertent individual indifference,

As ‘I’ and ‘My’ are ever adamant to lucrative self-preference !

Those who have faith in God regard that everything is His,

This concept enables anyone virtually to become a whizz !

‘I’ must hence be philanthropic and forgo marrying ‘My’,

Confessing before God telling Him that ‘Everything is thy’  !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful, meaningful poetic commentary.
    Liked the poem immensely.

    I is not in God but in devil
    I is not in Human but in animal
    Don’t boast or use I, I, I, if you will
    It is nothing short of pride & evil…..

    • Yashwardhan Goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, If any “I” be philanthropic
      leaving aside “My’, it would ipso facto exalt his or her image of ‘I’. Human
      is only a creation sensitively to denote ‘I’, and not an animal to speak ‘I’,
      as animals even eat up their own young ones when they are unable to
      satiate their hunger otherwise, for which they even feel not shy, e.g.,
      snakes, lizards, mice and dogs etc. On the contrary, humans prefer
      dying themselves for the sake of their young ones.

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