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“Stir against stagflation”

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English Poetry

“Stir against stagflation”


Willy-nilly the public is ever succumbed to stagflation,

Every breadwinner can never easily gain any satiation !

Helplessly people are liable to its hard hits and strikes,

Save businessmen who fufil deficiency by price hikes !

Stagflation has superseded its younger image of inflation,

Irrespective of both images being elements of defamation !

People are bent upon indulging in debts to withstand dearth,

Thereby being liable to lifelong repayment with high interest !

Latest luxurious fashionable products add fuel to the fire,

Retiring benefits are totally spent to extinguish that fire !

No remedial steps are ever preferred by the Government,

Here and there direly vitiating becomes the environment !

High-cost education has also added much to such dilemma,

In addition to inadvertent expenditure on weekly cinema !

We have thus got to envisage tenable and rigid renaissance,

To habituate ourselves to forgo luxurious convenience !

That is the only remedy now left to withstand stagflation,

Which is a demon unchallengedly debilitating the nation !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful impacting poem on the burning issue & the serious situation…
    Stagflation is an unholy alliance of stagnation & Inflation
    ’cause of the government whose manipulated governance
    deserves serious condemnation for nepotism & corruption…
    Hope public will soon make them realize the manner for correction

  2. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    Nice one sir ! a poem with unique scenes !

  3. Gion Gion says:

    Ah, Professor A.K. Goswami of the Department of Economic Theory at the University of P4poetry, very interesting observations….but….have you factored in the medium term chances of deflation?

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Gion Gion, Grateful thanks, Dear Gion !
      Deflation is though just opposite to inflation, any fall or stability of so high-flying market
      prices doesn’t matter inasmuch as mitigation of hardship and quandary being sustained
      by the people is concerned. Per capita income of the proletariat shall yet fall too
      meager to cope with the incessant stagflation even if the prices are reduced 5 to10 times
      per year ! Capable capitalists snub the way of any journey planned by the Government
      towards eradication of such dilemma !
      Isn’t so ?

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Gion Gion
      The studied response of Shri AKG to your considered comment on this very important issue; both are of importance and educative on the subject.
      However although economic, I liked the term used by you “deflation” .
      I think deflating is an answer & needs be done of the boasting leaders/ministers in power for their policies, polity & governing in the country which has miserably failed leading to this stagflation although they have all along been boasting of their high caliber & understanding for handling the situation. Rampant corruption in essential things permitted at highest levels has no less been responsible for this mess & continues to be…..

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