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The Snow Tree

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The Snow Tree flowers fuller this morning,
New and enlarged crystals have bloomed
On branches deadened by this winter.
Conjured from the slightest moisture,
Magicked from the coldest air.
As the sun fakes another attempt to rise,
Its faint heat slips through clear still skies.
Sparkling ice blossoms drop reluctant,
Spreading the whitest carpet around,
This animation, this parallel of Life.

Tree-huggers, hippies, derided.
Is it more than rough bark that they embrace?
For every branch there is a root unseen,
Anchored into the earth, vibrancy,
Store, nourisher, foundation.
William pre-Conqueror stumbles on the beach,
But digs his hands into the sand and rises,
“See! I grasp this land with both hands!”.
Elaborate weaves, systems of belief,
Or just brief descriptions of a scene.

Who is to say what it was that was seen?
Who rates the accuracy of the photo?
Who was where? At what window?
Between the sight and pushing of the button,
The button’s click and ending of digital whirr,
What was captured and what escaped?
The Snow Tree appeared to be,
Life seemed to have another dimension.
What is reality? The deluded or the delusion?


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful, enticing brilliant poem
    takes your thinking to a different dimension
    To say Kudos is the least of appreciation
    Fantastic delighting poem of vivid communication

    Stars 5 +++

    • Gion Gion says:

      I am glad you liked it. This is the only photo I could get in the end but if you could have seen some of the “living” snow trees and bushes here this winter it would have amazed you,

  2. rajiv srivastava says:

    though had to read it many times to understand the gravity——– finally I would say—- superb!!!!!!

  3. medhini says:

    अन अमज़िंग पोएम, गिओं.
    कैन’टी पुट कमेंट्स इन इंग्लिश.

  4. renukakkar says:

    so vivid the picture that is visualised, i enjoyed reading it…seems i rated it some time back as i am not being allowed to rate it now 🙂

  5. SARALA says:

    Gion Gion

    That was just majestic ! and the last lines have such an awful uncertainty” What is reality ? the deluded or the delusion? “

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