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English Poetry



Despite having been tapered by force of law,

Untouchability is yet behaved without flaw !

The Mahatma Gandian verdict condemned it,

Our Constitution accordingly enforced writ !

Untouchability seemed ever to be mispleaded,

Unmindful of its real reasonability acceded !

Sensibly it is observed against the filthiness,

To keep away from unhygienic healthiness !

Dirt, dust, dung, excreta, garbage, phlegm, mucus,

Are indicative of untouchability mainly to focus !

Scavengers, sweepers etc., are succumbed to them,

Hereditary being their practice every now and then !

Rendering thus themselves liable to untouchability,

On account of their such dirty-filthy individuality !

Whenever they are hygienically neat and clean,

Everywhere they can now be undeniably seen !

Untouchable is thus distinctly the dirt and filth,

Whatever or whoever is contained in its guild !

The commotion on this aspect is a mere political stunt,

Which is blatantly to say is apt to be barely blunt !

Everybody, everything is untouchable, if infectious,

Irrespective of caste or creed and rank or status !



  1. Gion Gion says:

    it seems the world over that their are people who are more willing to exploit injustice and division than help create and maintain justice and unity.
    I understand that this is a sensitive subject in the context of terms and Indian society. This is worth several reads.

  2. Apurv says:


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