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Upon a star.

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Is it sin of one a wish to base upon a star?
Plead ignorance while you turn your face upon a star.

When does the drunken man pass the point of no return,
That makes him all of his hopes to grace upon a star?

I cannot pose the Polynesian mariner,
I am just too scared to set course upon a star.

There it hangs aloof in notoriety so smug,
I’ll raise myself up a snub to force upon a star.

It is said of old – cold hands cold heart – it matters not,
The night is colder that makes you curse upon a star.

Ignore the special body that labels the night sky,
It’s a greater need a name to place upon a star.

“Watch out in the darkness for that star’s sparkling pulses”
Gion, what you try to code can one trace upon a star?

© Copyright Fergus Carty 2011


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Liked this, a different elegant stylish poem “up on a star”
    Making you see & think a variety in various stars
    No doubt this beautiful poem seeks & deserves many a stars

  2. rajdeep says:

    Aha liked the new style

  3. purabi says:

    loved reading it aloud…adjectives have fallen short for a star!!!

  4. Hi Gion Gion,
    How often we gaze at the stars and hope for luck . The poem builds slowly from doubt to conviction to doubt again . Liked that form of addressing the poet himself as in ghazals . The question asked remains unanswered . Nice way to end a poem . some thing lingering about to be discovered .
    Truly enjoyed reading it .

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