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Crowned Poem, English Poetry

When I believe in God
I think I must also fall in line
With those, who say there’s no God
I sound so weird? ! Do I?
But weirdest is He, His ways alas! !
The God did create Himself
As an amorphous body of love
And made his charm known
To a few of His prophets

But the prophets became wiser
They made God in their own image
Ascribed to Him their own theories
Some rational and many illogical
Wore on their faces garish symbols
And played loud trumpets
That their God alone was the greatest
And pasted posters on humans’ mind walls
Showing Poor God
In forms diverse with features varied
To God’s own doubt of what He was

But God is the best and the wisest
To keep His believers to test
To prevent the devotion
Crossing the limits of faith
And becoming superstition
And turning into fanaticism
He created at last
A formidable opposition
Called the atheism! ! !
Now…. isn’t there equilibrium?

Let us now admire
His good governance
He applied checks and balances
In His democratic universe
Even before the Greeks, Romans and Indians
Did start thinking of ‘demos’

Well, well, well! He is the original
Let us bow to Him and His holy pranks
And appreciate both His wise creations
The staunch believers and the rational pagans
With equal respect and reverence


  1. Gion Gion says:

    wonderful. A thoughtful theme expounded with humour,

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Totally second Gion Gion’s respose to this beauty of a poem
    5 stars
    Whether you have faith in God or not
    You remain & behave as good human beings
    I am sure, is all what God wants …..

  3. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    Liked very much ! congrats !!!

  4. kshitijshrivastava says:

    truely , its faith restoring and deserving of the crown !

  5. purabi says:

    good one!

  6. anuradha says:

    Thank you very much dear poet friends and P4 poetry for crowning this poem. After a long time indeed this honour, very much elated I am.
    Regards to all,


  7. renukakkar says:

    a balancing poem….God gave us faith …mankind created religions…there is great difference in being spiritual and being religious… being spiritualism is you with your god whereas being religious is being ritualistic…

  8. Vishvnand says:

    A very beautiful, meaningful poem
    ideally suited to be read and re-read in today’s condition.
    Hearty commends.

    There are no written rules about re-posting of one’s poems. But I personally feel that a poem should not be re-posted within 6 months or preferably one year of its earlier posting and while re-posting care should be exercised to refine the poem further to what was posted earlier. You get reminded of your earlier posting when new poems on the same or similar matter get posted by other authors and many new members join p4poetry in the interim who might have had no opportunity to read the earlier poems shared.
    The above is entirely my personal opinion and I think this matter may need a discussion at the forum to formulate some unwritten rule/understanding in the matter of re-posting of poems for the members.

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