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I must admit ….!(Song)

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English Poetry, Podcast

This is a very old song (1966) of mine, the first one composed in English, being posted with its new podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to it.


I must admit….!

I must admit, I love you so……!
But I’m afraid that you may know,
And, if you say “NO” to me,
That will be the end of everything……

I want to be near to you,
But I always remain away…
If you dislike my company,
That will be the end of everything…

I long for you, & pray for you,
Forever I will sacrifice for you,
My love, dear, you may never know,
And I’m afraid, you may never know……!!
And I am afraid, that You may know….!!

I must admit, I love you so……!
But I’m afraid that you may know,
And I’m afraid, you may never know……!!

” Vishvnand “


  1. Gion Gion says:

    Did you post this before?
    I loved listening to this. The repetition reminded me of ballad styles I’ve heard before.
    The way you run “the end” into (th’end) made me smile. It reminded me of my grandmother who used to say things like (beyond in th’office),

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Gion Gion
      Yes. I feel delighted that you have remembrance of this song.
      I had posted this song about a year & half back(14th July’09), but was not happy with the podcast. and very few (4) had commented on it , the 1st being of course yourself.
      Since with practice I have improved in my podcasting technique(thanks to p4poetry), I have presented the song now in a new podcast and hope you would like this more consistent with its lyrics.
      There is a small story about this song. In 1966 I was deputed for training to USA. That time I was disturbed by the direct lyrics of English songs( Like a girl singing ” Squeeze me in your arms and never let me go”). I wanted to acquaint friends there with the type of soft lyrics that would be akin to Hindi lyrics/songs prevalent then in India; and this song got composed accordingly; It then got quite the desired appreciation from friends there for it being very different from their songs in its tune & lyrics. Your comment compelled me to elucidate this…

  2. rajivsrivastava says:

    very true sir .this feeling is always there in mind of true lovers–congrats

  3. kanchana says:

    For sure ,the single short pause after ‘the end of’ conveys a lot of emotion.The ‘ everything’ that follows also truly comes from the depth.I liked the way the song has been composed and it sounds great with the Indian composition instrument.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks very much for your comment.
      Yes; I tried to write the lyrics in the style of an Indian and rendering also is akin to Hindi tunes.
      Some of my friends had suggested that the accompaniments should be with English instruments like Piano etc but I thought that would interfere with the Indian-ness of the song….

  4. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    A laconic yet exhaustively a deep apathy of fever ‘loveria’ a more
    spread fever than malaria. Outstandingly worth singing, Thanks.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @ashwini kumar goswami,
      Thank you so much for the comment and appreciation for the song…
      The time it was composed I think it was much more serious than “laveria”, possibly ” Lovoid” (like typhoid) which is period sickness… 🙂

      Also to be noted, 15 have seen, 5 have commented & only 1 has rated.. 🙁

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