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Crowned Poem, English Poetry, Feb 2011 Contest

An evening in the park,

it was twilight before dark;

I sat on the grass

A cool breeze was blowing through my hair

endearing aroma of roses was spread everywhere.

Twitter of home going birds

seemed like goodbye words.

The sky was shifting shades

The glow had begun to fade

Still there was a faint light.

In this beautiful region

My eyes fell on a pigeon

Who flew away, drawing my attention

To a mother

who had a baby in her lap.

Seeing her playing with her baby,

I was lost in a reverie…..

Something touched my heart,

It was neither the mother

nor the child’s art.

It was my love for my mother,

just me and her, and, no other!

All my childhood memories flashed

before my eyes in a second.

Everything she spoke to me,

her serving me biscuits with tea.

Each emotion shared with her,

I began to remember.

I closely felt her face,

her lovely eyes looking at me with grace.

The smile on her lips,

Seemed so real,

In the snow cold weather

when she hid me in her veil

and told me stories, of bygone lands and wizards

angels, prophets and seraphs.

She made my dreams wonderful

But her nights were spent in my frets.

She woke with me in exam time,

and her love still showers like sun shine.

But why do I now see the clouds

and my clothes are wet?

Only my heart is damp in reminiscence.

Oh it’s the drizzle

That smashed my vision.

So pretty were the memories

that time passed hastily.

Its dearly dark

There’s the lightning spark.

Both in the sky and in my heart.

Shelter may protect me from wetness,

But my heart is still damp in lovely bliss.


  1. Gion Gion says:

    “I began to remember.” -this line is like a hinge in the poem opening a door onto what are not merely scenes but the feelings that animated them and enliven the recall,

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Very lovely and beautiful poem indeed.
    Liked very much the narration of feelings, the flow & style of penning
    Commends for the poem. Keep it up.

    Please also read poems of other authors being posted here, give invariably the read poems your rating as per the 5 star rating format, and also your comments if & when you like to comment. These you would realize are also important aspects of sharing & participating at our p4p site….

  3. karamjeit says:

    Mother’s love portrayed in the best way …. touchy poem.

  4. kusumgokarn says:

    Very sensitively expressed poem. Nostalgic sentiments. Fine evocative images. Touching the heart cords.
    Kusum gokarn

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