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English Poetry



Whenever we ponder over any our past experience,

We may have our wasteful or onerous appearance !

This is what we call literally imaginary reminiscence !

It inculcates in everyone a very rational renaissance !

All in ongoing life fall into sweet or bitter memories,

Anecdotally relating to read, heard or written stories !

May have also heard or read anecdotes of anamneses,

Or have also read about a number of  palingenetic cases !

Anamnesia and palingenesis are yet fallible or fictional,

Bearing no scientific proof, as is primarily conditional !

Analogous to celestial bodies like flying discs in the sky,

Whose identity has hitherto hailed often ‘how’ and ‘why’ ?

Terrestrial technology cannot even decipher such quiz,

Even with the help of a paragon or any expert or whizz !

Eventually I idly also happen to beat or cudgel my brain,

When asked by kids browsing such puzzles to entertain !

Consequently I helplessly prevaricate in the status quo,

With any pretext of exit, whatsoever, at a stone’s throw !

Whenever in my leisure and pleasure, I have a day-dream,

Strolling along avenue enunciated in my novelistic theme !

In a state of reverie, I feel in my bones that I had had to enroll

The end of my past life for transmigration of soul in next role !

Thunderously I wonder having seen the same scenes in dreams,

Through preternatural Sunlight or Moonlight and bright beams;

As though I had lived my past life on any such illusory abode,

Educationalists even could not decipher such enigmatic code !

Almost all merely shun the query calling it a flimsy fantasy,

All the way along condemning proliferation of such ecstasy !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    beautiful intriguing interesting riddle ridden poem
    Difficult pondering but enjoyable & enlightening.
    Commends for such penning.

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