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What is all this ???

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English Poetry

Is this Loneliness or Life at its Best?

when I do not Care for anything not even a Meal,

when I am Free to do whatever I Want, whenever I Feel.


Is this Boredom or every moment a Fest?

while being all Alone or while cherishing a Company,

while in a creepy Silence or in a mellifluous Symphony.


Is this being a Loser or being Different from the Rest?

as I have Peace in my Mind and Contention in my Soul,

as I have not agreed to my Greed and do not have a Goal.


Is this Cowardice or Living itself in a Test?

where I have no Dependency and am totally on my own,

where I am always Ready to reap whatever I have sown.


Is this Despondency or my Spirits full of Zest?

coz’ I believe Life is a Bubble, Sublime and Evanescent,

coz’ I live it on my own terms and there is nothing I Repent.


Is this Indifference or Fulfillment to the fullest?

that I acquiesce to whatever happens on this Earth,

that I never forget, everything dies if has ever taken Birth.


Is this a Surrender or Beginning of a Quest?

a quest to leave the Surface and find what lies in the Deep,

a quest to discover my inner Self amidst a Herd of sheep.



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful meaningful poem,
    of enticing, profound pondering within.
    Liked immensely

  2. Gion Gion says:

    excellent – although I would change “coz'” to (because) and the mid-line capitals to lower case letters.
    Good style and structure. I especially like the rhyming ABB with the A linking each verse as you jump from thought to thought in a personal Q&A session with open answers that may lead to further questioning.
    Very impressive.
    Good to see you back on the site,

  3. Rishabh Choudhary says:

    Thanks Mr. Vishvanand and Gion for all your approbation.

    @Gion: I chose ‘coz’ as it sounds more comfortable than ‘because’ while reciting the poem. And capitals are to emphasise the words which bother me the most in my thoughts, initially I thought of putting the entire word in capitals or in bolds or in italics…… then finally fell for the current format…………… hope it doesn’t look too bad to read.

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