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What’s the point?

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I suppose the questions are being asked in English.
I suppose they are also going unanswered,
In Tamil/Sinhala and Xhosa/Afrikaans,
In Portuguese and Punjabi/Sindhi.

What’s the point…

Of artillery shells flying over snow-clad peaks?
Of “Atoms for Peace” gone bad?
Nuclear aircraft carriers and F16s?

What’s the point…

Of satellites that purvey porn?
Of mobiles, cameras and helicopters?
Cola drinks of any brand?

What’s the point…

Of irrigation channels, levees and dams?
Of water management and flood control?
Of government and taxes?

A boy saves his brother’s life.
A father searches for his family.
A mother cradles her dying child.

On railway and road embankments,
In schools and temples, churches, mosques,
The hundreds, the thousands, the millions,

Wait and ask again –

What’s the point?..

© Copyright Fergus Carty 2011


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very Beautiful.
    It is indeed very pointless & silly to boast any of our scientific strides & our economic theories & economic developments so far the situations are like this, bad and going from bad to worse…We should remain shameful so far these things persist.
    Indeed what is this pointless struggle for after all?.
    What is the point?
    Kudos for this beauty, all points.

    • Gion Gion says:

      this has been going around in my head for a while now.
      These are recurring disasters, seemingly man-made, certainly man-made worse. If a government does not serve the people it is a dead weight,

  2. Atiyo Banerjee says:

    simple bt awesome……no words

  3. purabi says:

    awesome!whats the point,wish those movers actually read such lines…
    lovely flow…

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