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Why disappoint & displease Rating ….?

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Why  disappoint  &  displease  Rating ….?

Why at p4poetry is this undesirable state
Poems are posted & hardly any one rates

Most authors who post anxiously wait
How the poem readers have felt
Numbers who have read the poem is recorded,
But in them numbers who rate are dismally pitted.

Members have to simply rate the read poems
On how each have personally felt the poem
Star 1 for a poor poem, 2 for poem “needing improvement”
3 stars for a good poem, 4 stars to a very good poem
5 stars for poem felt outstanding,
All based on ones personal frank opinion & understanding
Reading Members being the ones judging the read poems
For a feedback to the author who is sharing the poem
With an intention to obtain a feed back
Average rating to him being an accurate indication,
More the numbers Rate more is author’s satisfaction

The system being so simple
Member’s apathy to rate is not understood
Hence this posting to elicit understanding
What if any are the objections or reasons for this apathy
Towards the desired active involvement of members
For discharging this important responsibility
For their own passion for poetry & health of p4poetry….

“ Vishvnand ”


  1. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Though not true, It is seemingly felt as if you have purloined my intent.
    Most comprehensible issue candidly enlighgtened. Outstanding !=*****

  2. renukakkar says:

    ah but i am rating and commenting 🙂

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks indeed for your comment and your profound & increased participation with rating and comments.
      I think getting average rating of 3 & 4 stars for the poem (Good to very Good) are quite an encouragement to the author. 5 stars be given to the poem one feels is really outstanding and they would be obviously very few.
      While rating or commenting we (in the role of commenter/rater) must know it is the poem that is being rated/commented upon and not the author at all, When we do it with this in mind the inhibition to rate/comment disappears.
      To indicate that I have rated or what rating I have given is entirely optional, and one can rate without indicating either, entirely at his discretion.
      I felt like giving my point of view to you (as also those enthusiastic members like you) seeing your passion for poetry and that you all new & old members should be able to exercise it freely here interacting without inhibition and enjoy the activity…

  3. Abhishek Khare says:

    I liked this post. Rated it 4* 🙂

  4. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    Liked very much sir !
    Nicely explained rating !

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Harish Chandra Lohumi
      Belated though, sincere grateful thanks for your comment and for your active participation in rating read poems consistently..

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