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Crowned Poem, English Poetry

Furrowing in fragile fragments ,

the freak  frets and fumes,

while seeking the core ” I ‘ .

Not with a third eye but with a sigh.

And fears that all beauty is allusion,

Just a mirage  or an illusion .

And he,

is he a whispered fragment of my imagination

a castle-in- the -air creation ?

A figment of the mind

holding the heart in a bind .

Do I hear

a  successive , surround system of words profound ?

Am I

ina freakish fragmented dream ?

on a seamless road-map ?

or in an endless cat-nap ?




  1. Gion Gion says:

    love it. Getting the feel of your style.
    The use of meanings and sounds, the twist of familiar phrases and the use of imagery which seems laminated is very well done.
    It reads easily but closer reading reveals the depth of thought.
    ” while seeking the core ” I ‘ .” – with reference to recent events in Japan this takes on the look of a fuel rod at the heart of ourselves that powers or animates us,

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Profound & intense pondering
    provoking meaningful lmagery
    Liked immensely the style of poetry

  3. SARALA says:

    Gion ,
    Thanks , for reading my work intently and finding the intended meanings . Japan was far from my mind when I wrote it.Though that could be inferred too. Thanks for the crown . Thats a first for me .

  4. SARALA says:

    Thanks for being provoked and for appreciating the imagery of the poem .

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