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Apr 2011 Contest, English Poetry


The Chennai Sun was at His noon best

“41 degrees” mumbled the one to my next

my waning age warned me to leave the queue

my decades of commitment did not cue


“Sixth time” I reckoned “That clean shaven giant

in shabby shirt, slipping down lungi and half-faint

in seesaw condition intrude in to the next line

I saw the others near to him, realign

Pinching their noses and move distant”


“That bearded ruffian for the eighth time

and that short one in black T-shirt for the fifth time

I see at least a dozen such hoodlums” complained

A bit aloud my neighbor in our line

“Chup, chup, don’t invite trouble; they may have guns”,

his friend argued, “Do you need all this at this sixty plus?”


“Did you see, near that Eastern road junction?

Five groups are dispensing whisky and gin

In fact that queue is bigger than here!” he queried


“Yesterday night they doled out in the village

saris and currency notes at each door;

and gallons of arrack they poured out to the poor

do you know that?” his friend did report

The rule is simple, “Votes for notes!

That’s all! No comments!!!”


“We must tell Anna” the first oldie said well-determined

His friend clarified with an understandable grin


Anna is minding the few coveted hundreds at the top

You are looking at the naked millions

at the bottom of the democratic rock

Painting the leaves green, won’t make the plant alive

We must water a billion grass roots

and doctor their ignorant and fickle minds

WE need more than ONE Anna to mend”








  1. parminder says:

    Very nice and so true. But the end seems a bit abrupt .

  2. Gion Gion says:

    really enjoyed reading this poem.
    Corruption is contagious.
    Is Anna a reference to old currency as well as a person(unknown to me)?

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem and a superb take on the present happenings
    But to take one right positive step is the crucial real beginning
    Anna has initiated this step all have to join in the awakening
    Unite against the nefarious activities of the corrupt to derail the movement
    Expose these machinations and with confidence support fully the movement
    With followers joining Anna steadfastly in the revolution more Annas will be automatically emerging.
    Lets ensure with our support to the movement in every way this will sure be happening

    Kudos for this beautiful poem of content. exposure and meaning…

    Stars = 5

    • anuradha says:

      @Vishvnand, Very well said Sir. Sure many more Anna hazares will come and this is the first step. In 1979, I think our ex-PM, Morarji Desai after their party’s debacle in elections commented, ‘Jaise janata, vaise hi hoga circar’…. rather sarcastically. As long as people vote for money and alcohol, even the leaders are forced to go that way…frankly these are the days, when an honest politician cannot survive in politics…so this poem..

      • Vishvnand says:

        you are absolutely right. The Lokpal Bill’s main intention and objective is to deter dishonest & corrupt politicians & officials in any position from surviving and to be properly brought to books and given punishment. This in effect will mean that they will have to be fairly honest to survive and hold their position. This will be a first worthy step towards cleaning the Govt & Administration to less dishonesty from the present level of extreme dishonesty for they will be worried of severe punishment for wrong doing. Presently they are shamelessly corrupt and protected from any punishment and are severely harming the nation and its honest citizens.

  4. medhini says:

    A lovely poem well written, Anuradha.

    • anuradha says:

      @medhini, So many thanks Medhini ji for your comments.

      • kusum says:

        Very difficult to write a poem on a political subject. Very sensitively handled.
        True, it will need a massive revolution in the minds of masses to awaken the Anna in their hearts & goad them on to positive action to weed out the seeds of corruption that have seeped into every nook and corner of our society.
        Best wishes,

        • anuradha says:

          @kusum, Dear Kusum, My idea is to see the other important side of our democracy. A couple of years ago an IAS officer by name Jayaprakash Narayana started his own party (Lok Satta) in Andhra Pradesh. His motto is to eradicate corruption from politics..he is urging people not to vote for money and alcohol. In elections he won just one seat, ie. his own in Hyderabad. Recently he was beaten in Assembly by other MLAs. But the positive development is that he got a good percentage of votes, overall…so both politicians and people are to be blamed for present condition.

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