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Neem flower’s message.

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English Poetry

Neem has adorned herself


Fragrant warm breeze sweeps


To announce,

Chithirai Thirunaal * is here;

Its presence

As an important ingredient,

Conveys the essence-

Bitterness in truth.

Neem flowers

Neem flowers

* Chithirai Thirunaal -Tamil New Year


©Kanchana Selvakumar


  1. dp says:

    good one..

  2. Gion Gion says:

    “Neem has adorned herself” – good opening line,

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful thought to ponder embedded in the poem & its lines
    Neem & neem flowers are a boon to humans an important kind
    Bitter to taste they are but truly healthy & importantly medicinal
    Tasting their bitterness on New year makes healthful & sweet the whole year
    Hearty Commends for the short sweet but very meaningful poem….

  4. mattbugno says:

    Thank you Kanchana, I can relate from our own heritage as we have the “New Year” with special foods also. One partakes so that luck and health will follow you through the coming year. It is a special time of celebration to remember the past year and envision a year of prosperity coming. No Neem flowers in USA but the message is cleansing.

  5. ramjiram says:

    nice !!!!!! essential bitterness of truth conveyed in the essence of sweetness

  6. Tommy Nies says:

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