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Crowned Poem, English Poetry







They’re concrete cemeteries of commoners’ cherished rights

Where sleeping vultures are lying in wait

For hapless living corpses to step into those oubliettes


The rustling sounds of currency notes alone

Can arouse their spirits aloft

Into a bustling activity of remorseless hustle

Like stimulating smelling salts

That can wake up a slothful sot



Behold! They are cartels

Of our great bureaucratic Babus!


Busy they’re taking home bagfuls of bounties (booties)

of their smartest schemes


But by the time they sense

They are carrying the weight of their sins

Burning they will be, in Avernus kilns


*(Oubliette means a dungeon with the only entrance or exit being a trap door in the ceiling)

* Avernus means a small lake in an extinct volcano near Naples, Italy, at the edge of which the entrance to Hades was anciently said to be




  1. Gion Gion says:

    great post. The passion, the contempt burn through the lines.
    The vulture feasting is a well known image.
    Is it also a particular image taken of Parsi cemeteries?
    The opening verses are brilliantly vivid.
    “Behold! They are cartels
    Of our great bureaucratic Babus!” – love it.

  2. medhini says:

    Very nice poem,Anuradha.
    Liked it a lot.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poetic picturing of the corrupt scenario.
    Very effective impacting and sedate poem
    Liked immensely.
    Hearty kudos for the idea & intensity of penning. Stars 5
    However Shouldn’t “our great bureaucratic Babus!” read
    “our great bureaucratic Babus, their bosses & ministers !”

  4. renukakkar says:

    beautifully expressed.
    nexus is between the IAS and the politicians….there loyalties are elsewhere.they come from the state cadres where they are not liked by the state administrative officers….at the center they are on deputation …so where is the loyalty???.they are the refined babus and do not dirty their hands..
    .there is something seriously wrong in their recruitment or training areas

  5. anuradha says:

    Dear P4 team, thank you so much for crowning this poem. In fact, I did not expect at all. Thank you so much.

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