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English Poetry

( With due apologies to all proponents of good English.It’s in a light vein )


Everyday , I am calling Kamala Kay,

only to say—

” What are you doing ?’

“What are you saying ?’

Then we are talking

of this  thing and that thing

and everything .


Then Iam falling in love

and she is loving me ,too

but not saying so .

for, she is married woman, you know?

In our country ,we are not doing such things.


Then, Iam thinking—-

What is this life ?

Without meeting or mating

only waiting and talking .

Love not reaching maturation.

So, I am putting talk on ration.

Very, very funny situation,

you know.


She said ” Where you went and what you thought ?’

–This  red carrot will simply and surely  rot .




  1. Gion Gion says:

    I think the English is fine (apart from the line in quotes in the last couplet.)
    i do not understand the last line.

    Anyway, I liked this story poem for the lightness of the language, it’s conversational style as if speaking to a confidant and a certain wistfulness towards the end.
    For me so much packed into the three verses.

  2. SARALA says:

    The guy and the gal have been baiting each other and regret that the bait is going to be of no use ,the carrot (as in carrot and stick )signifies the bait. The tone and humour of the post may be lost on you. The using of the present continuous tense is a malaise of native non -English users as it corresponds to the vernacular
    .Merci Bien !!!

    • Gion Gion says:

      Ah the obvious the obvious interpretation. Still I got the lightness of the tone.
      Present continuous tense – that was on the tip of my tongue 🙂 I have to say I like its use for life is a continuing thing more than just a series of events.

  3. Vishvnand says:

    Your that this thing, what you called,
    I mean this your poem …I am very much liking
    This is proper way in which in Hinglish we are in always talking
    what it matters and why for others laughing if clear is meaning….
    After all English is not our mother’s tongue, in Hindi can they be talking?
    commends for the satire and your this poem writing…

    Stars 5+ as satire & 3 as Poem.

    • SARALA says:

      It does n’t have much by poetry but it says a lot as satire.It was inspired by a poem by Nissim Ezekiel — Farewell to Miss Pushpa and written some time ago in fun.English is not even my mother’s tongue
      Thank you for your fun-filled comments.

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