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Arousing awe and admiration

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Anthology 2013 Entries, Crowned Poem, English Poetry

      In the midst of

      the beautiful garden  

      stands a single rose

      arousing awe and admiration.


      In the midst of

      the huge lovely pond

      stands a red lotus

      arousing awe and admiration.


      In the corner of

      the dense forest  

      sits a single rabbit

      arousing awe and admiration.


      Near the edge of

      the flowing lake

      swims a cute swan

      arousing awe and admiration.


      There lie wide roads

      fly overs and railway lines;

      A little away, leads

      a narrow clear passage to the village

      arousing awe and admiration.



  1. Gion Gion says:

    A good use of variation of form and imagery.
    Effectively 2 refrains 1st and 4th lines – one playing over the steady one. The scenes seem to be what is knowable, familiar to us.
    Then the change in the last verse – the concrete city(progress, modernity) but there within touch is the traditional, the homely.
    Yet is this a connection with reality or nostalgia? or a mix of both.

    • kusumgokarn says:

      @Gion Gion,
      Simple flow of thoughts & images well etched, with genuine concern. But can we do away with technological progress?
      Kusum G

    • medhini says:

      @Gion Gion;
      Besides the literal meaning, the
      last two lines also say that a simple
      straight forward path of mind is better
      than the rude and crooked mind with
      complexities.Thanks so much Gion.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Simple but a simply beautiful poem in its content & meaning,
    shows a way for a still lot in the world for our awe, admiration & blissful pondering.
    Liked the poem immensely

  3. parminder says:

    Simple and beautiful! Shows that the simple things of life impart more joy than the complex modern world! Very nice.

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