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English Poetry

Kill the Buddha , Kill the Zen !

Kill their kith and  their kin !

Kill the letters and its men !

Choke their voices , snuff their cries,

strait lace their choices ,

for Life’s a market -place

and invoices are kings of the Maze.

Buy the king ,buy the crown !

Buy the seat , turn on the heat!

Bomb the city , bomb the street!

Watch little worlds mincemeat .

Such soft targets , soft  wares

Under the media glare .

Just apply some clinical care.

Create the icon, Create an aura !

Halo the flaws of men of straw

-awesome wannabes, larger than life

spreading strife .

Easy to emulate , easy to be ,

Suits the market , suits it to a “T”.

Unique ……..?

Only unicorns are .

Perhaps, the dinosaurs too .

And some precepts lost in antiquity ,

Also, some forcible lack of integrity.

Just fit in ,imitate ,unify ;

smoke a pipe ,twirl the wallet  and buy .

Don’t dare defy.

Just demand with hitlerish gait

” What is the going rate?’

The king’s ransom for the swollen head .

The mocking bird is dead ,

so it is said .


  1. Pooja says:

    Gr888 !!!

  2. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    Unique !
    Really unique !

  3. SARALA says:

    Thanks for the vote of appreciation.

    • kusum says:

      Vociferous bombastic.gun-fire.

      • SARALA says:

        It is written in despair. Mankind’s prime duty is pursuit of knowledge ,beauty and construction for posterity.Instead,it follows the Satan,s advice and moves to self-destruction. The last lines are allusion to Harper Lee’s book ‘ To kill a mocking bird “…an american classic .Both the killer and the killed share the blame.

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