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Truth !

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Anthology 2013 Entries, Crowned Poem, English Poetry, Jul 2011 Contest

On the black blazing coal tar
In front of the slaughter house
with the Mosque on one side
and the Temple on other
The meek
Weak -kneed
with chains around its neck
Standing alone
Waiting for its turn to be
Trying to meditate on the
Divine intonation
diffused by the tomb of the mosque
and the Temple
Allah –u- Akbar”………….
and “Aum”…………
It travels hither and yon’
through air…………..
The concoction so great,
So divine


People all around
with their frail vessels
Having two oars
Olfactory or tactile
Floating on the
water of impure imagining
Running blindly
Lost in the labyrinth
of senses……………….


The paper thick layer
on the feeble bone
with down cast eyes
filled with tears
almost dead
preparing to place itself
on the butchers’ block
and the rusty cleaver
failed to concentrate
and meditate upon god
The picture of blood
dripping from its neck
and sharp pain engulfs the screen
O! The poor buffalo!



Sold by his master

and prostrate with grief.

He knows he is no use

and scorns himself,
the pain of being exploited and then discarded”
is more than the pain of the rusty cleaver
brave poor buffalo………..
Dying in front of divine representation
neither Allah nor Ram
could save his rickety soul ………………


©Rajdeep Bhattacharya


  1. Krishna Bhatnagar says:

    fabulous … no words are there,, to appreciate …Great work RAJDEEP.. You are upcoming, young and the great Poet with lots of tallent…..
    My good wishes are always with you…..

  2. Rajendra soni says:

    Marvelous poem written by you Rajdeep…….,
    Some words for you from my side :-
    “The depth of your belief,
    And the strength of your conviction,
    Determines the power of your personality”
    I have no words for you instead of this………..

  3. sreshtha says:

    simply marvelous..

  4. medhini says:

    An excellent one, Rajdeep.
    I feel I had read this or a similar
    one from you before.

  5. mattbugno says:

    Visual and Eternal at the same time, the futile struggle of both “Master” and slave coming to a destined end.

  6. kanchana says:

    “the pain of being exploited and then discarded”
    is more than the pain of the rusty cleaver”
    very touching one Rajdeep!

  7. Gion Gion says:

    with the opening line of the poem –
    “On the black blazing coal tar” – you set a scene from which one wishes to escape.
    “In front of the slaughter house
    The meek
    Weak -kneed” – I have seen sheep wild eyed from the smell of blood and bolting for escape…but this animal is in “chains”.
    Verse 2 is to be seen everywhere in the world.
    “the pain of being exploited and then discarded
    is more than the pain of the rusty cleaver” – very powerful imagery here.
    This depiction and narration is very well conceived. In many cultures there is a certain shallow doting on animals.
    For me this “buffalo” is an emblem of truth at several levels and his story’s final scene is played out in public view, amidst our institutions and their lofty edifices without the benefit of any comfort or salvation: for who sees or looks to the Truth from among us in our turn?,

  8. Vishvnand says:

    Indeed an outstanding ‘deep’ poem of yours on “Truth” my friend & its penning
    Intensely thought piercing, evoking members considered commenting
    All of this a very enlightening, delighting, reading….
    loved the poem immensely & felt the seen truth’s painfully disturbing experiencing

  9. Ravi Rajbhar says:

    Very touching sir…..

  10. purabi says:

    the arrow out!!!an intense poetry, Deep.”DAARUN” in other word.
    each of the segments have solid stories narrating the poet’s pick. “paper thick layer”a thoughtful, wise usage.oxymoronic in nature!
    rich imagery holds the readers. ‘buffalo’a potent one!

  11. rajdeep says:

    very Thanks

  12. ~HIRAL~ says:

    heyy amazing imagery and so touching one….. Really i liked it 🙂

  13. rajdeep says:

    Thanks you Very Much P4poetry

  14. Rajdeep says:

    Thanks very much P4poetry

  15. purabi says:



  16. deep says:

    i loved your comment

  17. Rajshree says:

    congrats Rajdeepji

  18. medhini says:

    Congratulations, the winner.

  19. sreshtha says:

    u deserve it……..

  20. krishna says:

    Great work Rajdeep…visual in description and poetic in rendition…

  21. kanchana says:

    Well deserved Rajdeep! Congrats!

  22. anuradha says:

    Great poetry! The tragic condition of the buffalo is so well narrated in sequential pen pictures…wow…touching.

  23. sangeeta says:

    Touching poem! Very true and heart-rending imagery.

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