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A Memorable Hospital Visit ….!

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English Poetry

A Memorable Hospital Visit ….!

I recall a visit years ago to an elder acquaintance hospitalized those days
She said “What’s the use of your coming to see me today
You should have come to see me earlier or at least yesterday
I was in an A C deluxe room best one of the hospital here
The room was very well equipped & costly but what does it matter
We can easily afford it; money for us is not any bother
You know my mister; his earning is of envy to others
But they said the room was required for wife of a minister
So they requested us and we agreed to shift today here.
I think my husband knows & is a friend of that minister”

I said “I really find this room also so well equipped, excellent & better,
It ‘s indeed great to afford such a nice room in hospital of this caliber,
You now appear also well; my parents would want to visit you here
When do you think you would get your discharge from here?”

She said “This room is still cheaper than the earlier
We can easily afford being much longer in the hospital here
I have not bothered to enquire about my discharge either
My hubby is presently busy with big contract he has to acquire
And our many relatives & acquaintances are still to visit us here
I don’t like to & why unnecessarily should I be in hurry in such matters.
Convey my regards to your parents & tell them I am doing better….

I was then wondering what I should convey to my parents in the matter
Who had coaxed me to go and see the elderly acquaintance in the hospital.



  1. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    A visit to a hospital and a stay there should never be memorable otherwise one ends up getting tempted to stay there
    and thought creation works in that direction.

  2. jaspal kaur says:

    good one sir. one comes across all sorts people in ones life.

  3. Parespeare says:

    looks like she likes it there

  4. siddha Nath Singh says:

    true picture of some boastful creature where only money matters sans any other feature.God forbid, one should fall ill,and behave like that,
    it should be taught to all pupils by any teacher

  5. medhini says:

    A true story, I beleive, well written
    though it invokes laughter,Vishvji.

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