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English Poetry, Jul 2011 Contest

When you begin to barter your soul
When even virtue has it’s own price
When humanity dies within you
Betrayal, the monster is on the rise

When God is being hoodwinked
When a mother is being sold
When conscience is a taboo
Betrayal, the monster will unfold

When innocents die in blasts
When the response is so meek
When scams vie for honours
Betrayal, the monster has the cheek

When lofty speeches mean nothing
Freedom fighters lost lives in vain
The enemy within, worse than without
Betrayal, the monster HAS risen again


  1. Hi Viju,
    Superb , well composed , great choice of words. Touched the soul .Keep it up.

  2. Hi Viju ,
    Please replace ‘conscious ‘ with ‘conscience ‘.Gives that line more context.

  3. medhini says:

    Very nice poem with good flow and well rhymed,Viju.

  4. Gion Gion says:

    “When scams vie for honours” – good line.

  5. Vishvnand says:

    The poem is a very meaningful take on betrayal penned beautifully indeed .
    Liked immensely.
    Hearty commends…

    In the world of today we have to learn to distinguish between a real betrayal and the tiny betrayals that we may face in life and to deal with both differently to remain on track & enjoying.. 🙂

    दिल ढूँढ़ता रहता क्यूँ वफ़ा इस जहान में
    जो खुद ही बेवफाई के बिना है खुश नहीं ….
    पीकर के प्यास बुझ सके वो प्यास ये नहीं….

    • viju says:


      Yes sir, there are betrayals & betrayals. Betrayals of the heart, betrayal of trust, betrayals small & big. yet in the context of what hits you every moment these days is the betrayal the care takers, the protectors, the guardians, politicians in short, in whose hands the martyrs left the reins of our country, so blatantly display, seeming to take a pride, mocking at the country – kar lo jo karna hai. This mother of all betrayals is what i felt & wrote.

      • kusumgokarn says:

        Very apt choice of words & appropriate rhymes.
        A very sensitive subject handled with great poise.
        ‘When God is being hoodwinked…”
        Very powerful stanza.
        Well done.

      • Vishvnand says:

        I think sooner than later now we will realize that uprising & violent movement without fear (and not non-violence) against these perpetrators will be the only solution to teach these corrupt rascals a lesson and bring the derailed nation on rails ….

  6. good one , viju…….betrayel with one’s homeland is da biggest sin……

  7. Tasneem HV says:

    Amazing selection of words… well tried!

  8. saurabh says:

    Great poem. This is one example where the absence of punctuation makes the flow better. Lovely! If I had a vote in the contest, I’d vote for you!

  9. saurabh says:

    When conscience is a taboo
    bare truth
    When scams vie for honours
    brilliant, no less!

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