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Betrayed Everywhere

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English Poetry, Jul 2011 Contest

Betrayad in love
Betrayed in Friendship
Betrayed in Relationship
I survive to tell my tale

When I was small and young
My home was invaded upon
By my aunt who regularly paid a visit
To keep a check on me
And the place I was born

Very keen interest, she took in my life
When I was growing up to be a man
And all things good would turn ugly
As I fell a victim to her tricks and craft
And was often alone sulking and sobbing
For she was a witch and not a woman

This lasted a time very long
Till I cut the ties with her
And stopped talking
With her and her family forever

This was just the beginning
Of my torrid life
For when I went to school
And made many friends
And particularly a friend for life
I found that I lost him
And he cut off ties with me
When for honesty I did not stand up

When my teacher gave me
More marks in a test
Over-looking my spelling mistake
And I had not stood up that day
For I had been at the receiving end
Of less than the deserving marks
On occasions many
And my friend just broke away from me

All was not over yet
At my college, I felt my life was set
For a good life after marriage
For I had found a girl of my dreams
And was deeply in love with her
She loved me too with all her heart
But then one fine day
She just walked out
Of this our wonderful relationship
And I was given a cold shoulder
For she had fallen in love
With another man
And I was no longer needed

Battled and bruised
Weary and wounded
I live and survive
To tell this tale.


  1. Gion Gion says:

    a lively, fee flowing style.
    The betrayals are varied.
    The exchange of honesty seems to ebb away when needed most.

  2. medhini says:

    Very impressive and lovely, Apoorva.

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