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Bygones !!!

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English Poetry, Jul 2011 Contest

Let bygones be bygones,

But they do not tell me how?

The past always catches up with me,

I was no saint nor holier-than-thou.


So I try to bury the ghosts of the past,

But they always rise from the ground.

Like an Albatross, rising from the ashes.

Scarring my body, leaving permanent gashes.


But I will not give up and will fight my inner demons.

By hard work, sowing the seeds of a joyous future,

Whether it is dusk or dawn.

The past is after all, just a bygone



Dhananjay Sharma


  1. Hi
    Interesting perspective. Bury the ghosts and strive on .Don’t forget the lesson .

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Nice worthy poem of profitable pondering
    but who is this who is so harsh on you for your past doings,
    It is none other than you yourself with yourself misbehaving
    Treat this traitor within you with disdain, tell him to stop criticizing
    And see a new chapter opens in your life for purposeful living

  3. saurabh says:

    This is a good poem! Glad to read it. The albatross usually denotes the ‘ghosts from the past’ made famous by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

    What was nice was superimposing the albatross on the phoenix that resurrects from its own ashes! An albatross with the qualities of phoenix: really thought-worthy.


  4. Parespeare says:

    a beauty of a poem, Dhananjay
    keep it up

  5. Gion Gion says:

    “Like an Albatross, rising from the ashes.” – liked this image,

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