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Eating a cake ….!

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English Poetry

The write has emerged from an actual experience which went flat from the experience that had delighted the mind greatly in imagination & which often happens in many areas of life…

Eating a cake ….!

The experience of not really experiencing but imagining
vividly a lovely experience is a great enjoyable experience.
You always get disappointed when you happen to confront the real experience.
For it is often no where near what you imagined would be your experience
Therefore better, don’t so much as hanker for the real, but imagine lovely experiences
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too” is really a saying from experience
See a lovely cake, imagine how it would taste, then eat it and compare with the imagined taste
Often your imagined taste is far superior to the cake’s real taste
Do remain happy & contented with your ability to imagine unique happy experiences & tastes.
Why wonder world today is moving to entertainment through virtual reality due such human state….
Isn’t poetry too often such delighting Imagined feelings penned stylishly for everyone’s mental palate…?



  1. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Thoughtful write.

  2. Sir ,
    We all understand that we cannot eat our cake and have it too.

    • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:


      Eating the cake is the same thing as having it.

      • Vishvnand says:

        @Apurva Bharat Gaglani
        No, having the cake is not the same thing as eating it . . 🙂

        • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

          @Vishvnand, It is Vishvnandji, if not then explain clearly. 🙂

          • Vishvnand says:

            @Apurva Bharat Gaglani
            In this case onus is not on me to explain, it is on you to understand.
            The saying is “You can’t have your cake and eat it too ….”
            You tend to imply you can have your cake and eat it too, fair enough.
            We can agree to disagree…. 🙂

            • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

              @Vishvnand, ok, boss

            • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

              @Vishvnand, I don’t tend to imply “you can have your cake and eat it too”, I tend to imply that having your cake is the same thing as eating it.

              The sentence “You can’t have your cake and eat it too” is ridden with double meanings and is unfit to be used. For if you sincerely try to explain it, you will know that.

              The system today is faulty (If the word “faulty” does not exist I am introducing it for ease of usage) and the sayings introduced by the system are faulty too.

              • Vishvnand says:

                @Apurva Bharat Gaglani,
                I can do no better than to refer you to the following internet site…
                I have used this term in humor and figuratively to convey a meaning.
                Please do refer to my reply to the comment of Sarala ji.

                • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

                  @Vishvnand, The most popular form of this saying—“You can’t have your cake and eat it too”— confuses many people because they mistakenly suppose the word “have” means “eat,” as in “Have a piece of cake for dessert.” A more logical version of this saying is “You can’t eat your cake and have it too,” meaning that if you eat your cake you won’t have it any more. The point is that if you eat your cake right now you won’t have it to eat later. “Have” means “possess” in this context, not “eat.”

                  That’s what the word “have” has double meanings, One is to eat and the other is to possess. Hence this saying is unfit to be used.

                • Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

                  @Vishvnand, And hence this saying is not precise, it is vague.

                  • Vishvnand says:

                    @Apurva Bharat Gaglani
                    You are confused by this saying is surly evident
                    (The point is that if you eat your cake right now you won’t have it to eat later. “Have” means “possess” in this context, not “eat.”)

                    But your assumption that a saying having double meaning is unfit to be used I can not subscribe. There are many very popular and worthy important sayings which do confuse a person until you understand the meaning in its true context.

                    I think, whether you like it or not or call it as faulty unfit or incorrect we have discussed a lot about a saying which is popular & already in existence . And in this discussion about the existing saying we have forgotten about the intent of the poem which is in fact a more important matter according to me.. 🙁

    • Vishvnand says:

      We understand this statement only mechanically or logically but forget almost invariably when it is prudent not to eat the cake.
      The write is more about avoiding actually doing things which the conscience doesn’t permit us to do although they may appear delighting & tempting to us in our imagination..

  3. rajdeep says:

    all in all a good write
    I loved the way you present your muse

  4. medhini says:

    A lovely meaningful poem,Vishvji.
    I loved the comments too.

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