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the journey of life – 3

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English Poetry

Oh the adorable sky, with stars and moon so high ,
i wanna ask , can you hear our cry ,
Oh the mighty goddess , why you are admiring the lake,
when the future of planet is at stake,
Oh the mighty mountains , give me thy strength,
to cast reforms & to endure pain to any length,
i ask our own leaders , to tell my curious readers ,
the reason for corruption , hell it causes eruption ,
they give me dirty expression , is it part of their profession,
why choose them i ask , they all wear mask,
few say why bother , its just a task,
some ask me reason to write , for my future is very bright,
looking at nation’s condition , i wanna give a fight,
listen the voice of my heart , its drenched in pain ,
to vanish all my woes , god do shower some rain,
decline of mankind , with advent of new century,
for this crime , we all deserve penitentiary,
ignorance is the key to this pollution,
to iradicate it , is there any solution ,
i bow , i ask !>>>>>>>


  1. nice take on the national issue on the corrupt leaders and politicians.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem, different style
    Liked it very much.

  3. medhini says:

    Nice poem,Shubham.
    “god do shower some rain” (15th line)can be reworded as
    god does shower…

    • @medhini, @medhini : thanks for liking my work , actually here i am ‘asking’ god to’do shower some rain’,,,thanks for the suggestion…..your comments are very valuable for me

      • kusumgokarn says:

        @Shubham Gupta,
        This poem appears to be an amalgam of the thoughts expressed in the previous two poems – Journey of Life 1 & 2..
        External physical ‘rain’ & internal psychological ‘pain’ are well connected
        One interpretation could be as follows –
        God’s blessings in the form of showers of rain can help alleviate human pain.

  4. Gion Gion says:

    a good trilogy. Many countries, especially young ones, such as ours, are asking why this corruption that hurts society?
    Good, flexible rhyming, imagination and command of language.
    May I suggest the (gimmes and wannas) do not add to the quality of expression? If you stick to standard english I feel your poems will shine more,

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