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English Poetry, Jul 2011 Contest

She believed her love was strong ,

But her choice was fatally wrong. 

He had meant to play 

fast and loose: and wander away . 

So, did he betray ? 

nay, nay, nay .

Yet it is hard to say  

who betrayed whom 

and who walked to doom.

False were the promises made, 

Barren the whispered stock-in -trade, 

While bridges of Hope were burned 

and all entreaties spurned.

The embers of love were doomed from the start

neither to stir the soul or the heart

Love, the highway- man,  trod the road of Faith  

Abjuring the routes of Hate.

When Judas  went astray

and Jesus , he set to betray

whose soul did he deliver

for paltry pieces of silver  ?

Did form ,then, betray the formless?

Did the Cock betray the stillness ?

Did silence betray the chillness?

Did Shylock betray his parsimony

when he called for flesh instead of money ?

Truth can never transcend 

where deceit and lies are ends. 

Betrayal is a false tongue 

on which Trust is hung 

and its dirge sung .



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very beautiful & an intense poem
    Liked immensely
    Stars 5
    “Truth can never transcend
    where deceit and lies are ends.
    Betrayal is a false tongue
    on which Trust is hung
    and its dirge sung .” … too excellent meaningful poems’ end…

  2. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Nice and wonderful poem. However I would like to add, “When truth transcends the place where deceit and lies are ends, there God reigns.”

  3. Sir,
    Thank you for your appreciation. Those lines reflect the scenario prevalent in every walk of life from education to politics

  4. medhini says:

    A very interesting poem well written,Sarala.

  5. RAM says:

    nice portrayal………..end is well sung.

    THANK YOU for the appreciation.

  7. Gion Gion says:

    excellent. Great moves from personal to general. The linkages of the last 3 verses are handled very well and allow the verses their independence. A different handling of familiar imagery. great originality. Profound thoughts are well expressed in a stylish yet accessible language.
    So now – 1 suggested correction, if I may? 🙂
    “whose soul was it he sold
    for paltry pieces of gold ?” – rather (whose soul did he deliver
    for paltry pieces of silver?) – given the coins involved,

  8. purabi says:

    betrayal is a false tongue…

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