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I beg

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Aug 2011 Contest, English Poetry

(Today’s world, old parents are left to fend for themselves. This is a plea by a widow to her only son who would rather enjoy his earnings & feels she is a burden to his young family)

As I stumble into dusk
Be my lamp, my son
Trembling knees need
Support from my only one

I eked out a living
So that you would win
Old age home for me
Don’t commit this sin

Few morsels I seek
Not any lavish meals
Just your love I need
Body & soul it heals

Tattered clothes are fine
To hide my parched skin
Dignity is all I seek
Would bear it with a grin

My twilight days
I feel old & worn
Just be there for me
Don’t leave me all alone

I beg

This Dear Ulhas is a picture of my father before his death, down with Alzheimer last 5-6 years of his life. DOES THIS PICTURE STRIKE A CORD WITH THE PICTURE OF THE LADY ABOVE?


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem of intense elucidation
    Emotional, elegant and impacting
    Liked immensely
    Hearty commends

    I beg my son, you please don’t let me beg …. ! 🙁

    • vijay says:


      yes sir, the picture is so intense, words cannot capture the look in the old lady’s eyes. The plea.

    • vijay says:


      The look in her eyes, the grin on her face cannot be put into words. The plea.

    • renu kakkar says:

      @Vishvnand, poem is nice, but sad, showing the mother to be dependent (which the state of affairs in many homes in materialistic india)..however, i prefer to spread positiveness and strength through my poems as i am myself having a positive approach in life. 🙂

      • vijay says:

        @renu kakkar,

        Well Renu, I know its a bit of a morbid topic & maybe so my poem appears, yet its part of the August contest with the above picture given. Yes a poem could be written on the beautiful smile of the lovely lady, yet I could feel some heavy heart, some sadness beyond that. I lost my old parents a few years ago & had the privilege of taking care of them in old age unto their deaths. What I saw in them, I felt is the need of parents at that age. Pardon my poem being sad.

        • renu kakkar says:

          @vijay, true the subject is such but the lady is smiling in the picture and it is not a dejected smile…i lost my dad many years ago, my husband about 8 years ago and my brother 2 years ago..i have seen people go before their time…

    • vijay says:


      Your last line said it all sir
      In many a homes, these days, the neo rich generation tends to ignore the basic needs & supports for their parents, when they need it the most, instead, pampering their kids, who may one day ditch them. Have seen it happen. Mother Theresa said ” The hunger for love is much more than the hunger for bread”.

  2. ULHAS says:

    Simply beautiful, Yes, you are the winner, I dont care, but for me, you are 10/10. 5 stars

    I simply loved the first stanza, which has built the poem so beautifully.

    Great sir, I am adding to my favs.

    • vijay says:


      Thank you Ulhas, I wrote this in as simple words & language as I could, but I wrote it from my heart. I have seen people get the cheapest kurta for their old father saying he does not go out of the house & that too after the old one is in tatters. All this after the old man spent all his youth & money to fulfill his sons/daughter in laws ambitions. Hurts somewhere.

  3. ULHAS says:

    Forget the Picture, you have simply told a nice story and the most poetic language one can………….I am your fan, you know that……………..

  4. Gion Gion says:

    very good, well written, well rhymed.
    “Dignity is all I seek”,

  5. Preeti Datar says:

    hmmm…..so very true….sad also…

  6. ULHAS says:

    Yes Viju, I saw the addendum and again you have matched all the requirements of the poem and the picture.

    A great poem sir.

  7. Atul Rikhy says:

    It is wonderful piece. It wakes you up. But, how to keep awake?

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