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The Breakdown of News today….!

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English Poetry

The Breakdown of News today….!

 That Mrs. X, an actress,
delivered a baby, is no news,
but someone’s doubt that
Mr. X may not be the real father,
And showing interviews & opinions of people
regarding this matter, on TV, is the news today.

That almost all trains ran on time today
without any untoward incident is no news,
But a man tried to molest a passenger,
In a train compartment somewhere,
May be even if it happened out of India,
Detailed description & depiction of the event,
Of how he tried to do it, is not only news,
but is an item today of breaking news …..!

Good happenings are not important and no more any news,
Bad & silly information of all sorts are the main & often breaking news.
In India and in the world of today of news, preoccupation & views.
The news, which are sad, bad & useless, are shown galore
Mercilessly diverting attention of people and making them sore
Good news remain clamoring for acclaim in the dark & whine,
But bad avoidable news is making hay in the media’s ugly bright sunshine….

To make you see things, that are evil & not good,
to make you hear things, that are evil & not good,
So that your attention is always diverted from & for good,
to speaking about things that are evil & not good,
is unfortunately the Medias’ malicious design & food

Media thinks the wise monkeys seem to be saying instead
See no good, speak no good, and hear no good

Do we think for the world & us, will this ever do any good?
& how long can good survive, with such propaganda of bad over good ….?

“ Vishvnand “


  1. kanchana says:

    very true and Shameful act.Its high time they do some soul searching before they present such stuff as breaking news …that too every few minutes or even secs. :-))

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and empathy with feelings in the poem.They want to make us know things which we can well & better do without; are derailing & detrimental to leading a life of happiness and purpose, is my frank opinion.

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