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The Humorist & Honeymoon….!

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The Humorist & Honeymoon….!

They were a lovely newly wed couple young
Traveling in an AC compartment of an exquisite train
On way to enjoy their long awaited honeymoon
To a distant but popular and well known hill station
Edward the husband just stopped from exclamation
When he knew traveling in same 4 birth compartment
would be Mr. John, a humorist TV celebrity well known.
He also traveling  to the same destination as their own
Edward informed his wife Joan of this coincidence
Felt John’s company thus in train was a Godsend boon

Just before train started John entered and took his seat
Edward wished him but he seemed not to pay any heed,
He was serious and soon got buried in newspaper to read
Ed & Joan anxious impatient wanting he would talk instead

Two stations and an hour passed by but he wouldn’t speak
At the third station Ed said “Sir, we have ordered some tea”
Please join us ” John curtly said “No thanks I don’t take tea”

The next station was known for its special Cakes and cookies”
Ed duly ordered some extra & Ed offered John these species
To this too John curtly replied “No thanks I don’t take these”

John stopped reading the paper and started looking here & there
But was not talking to Ed & Joan, was now Ed’s real nightmare
Ed’s all endeavors so far had failed to make John come any closer
Ed finally remembered John was known to like talking to women
Ed had somehow forgotten to formally introduce Joan to him
So he said “Sir, I am sorry, let me introduce to you my wife dear.”
John quickly retorted “No thanks, I don’t like extramarital affair”
Ed and Joan were flabbergasted, their faces fell, this they hadn’t expected

Seeing their plight John now came into his own, and addressed them
“Folks, please don’t mind my these manners, I was in fact just joking,
The moment I saw you both I knew you were going for honeymoon & loving
I was enjoying interestingly all your efforts to somehow make me talking
I am sorry but hence forth you won’t at all find me lacking or disappointing

At the next station John’s wife joined them to make a wonderful foursome
John’s wife too was in hilarious mood; Ed & Joan’s  journey turned wholesome
With John in full form treating all of them to humor that was indeed gleesome
Joan &Ed now remember their honeymoon more for this Godsend coincidence
And never forget to describe it joyfully when the subject is “going for honeymoon”.



  1. siddha Nath Singh says:

    rather a long and boring anecdote,not worth sharing,sorry to say.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @siddha Nath Singh
      Thank you for your comment and the frank opinion.
      There are somethings I thought I was trying to convey here as a story poem when the young come in company of celebrities and if I have more comment on this posting in line with your observation I will be only too pleased to withdraw the post. However the anecdote to me is of a very unique sort.

  2. I will comment here in just two words…”Simply wonderful!”
    Enjoyed the read. Thank you for sharing this anecdote.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Aniruddha Vanage
      Thank you so much for your comment . It has delighted me regarding this attempt of mine as a story poem which I too enjoyed attempting.& felt like sharing.

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