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Expecting exceptions ….!

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An old write of mine revised and posted.
I got reminded of this incident when to one of the members phone about inaccessibility of p4poetry site I responded that the problem appears to be  temporary and soon it will be sorted out is what we are expecting… 

 Expecting exceptions ….!

Very old story of the late 60’s
I vividly remember to this day
On a Wednesday, married recently Mr. Kamble
a clerk, applied for leave for a day
on the following Friday, Reason “Wife is expecting”
The Boss Mr. Ramalingam happily sanctioning
Along with best wishes Kamble shyly accepting

Few days later the leave application repeated,
Reason same “wife is expecting”
This time the boss again sanctioning & advising
“Kamble in such matters, a good doctor you should be consulting.
Be careful & best wishes” Kamble nodded & departed…

When the third time, soon thereafter
Kamble again similarly applied,
the boss called him & seriously asked,
“Kamble is anything wrong, what’s happening
what is the doctor saying? Be frank with me.
Why this leave you’re again & again applying”

“Why for consult doctor sir” Kamble replied
“Your wife is pregnant no?” Boss asked
“No sir she is not pregnant any”
“Then what is this expecting you are saying?”
“Sir, she has presently gone to her parents place for staying,
Takes me six hours by ST, and for weekend she’s expecting me
Due to your kindness I am accepting to go hence applying

How could the boss explain Kamble
he should have clarified “My wife is expecting me”
which can be no reason for leave sanctioning….
Was Kamble so weak in English or was purposely posing
It was then indeed a matter for genuine guessing.



  1. jaspal kaur says:

    good humour. liked it very much.

  2. H.C.Lohumi says:

    Exceptionally superb !

  3. medhini says:

    Very good humour while imparting
    wisdom, Vishvji.

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thank you very much for the comment.
      In those times there were many stories of such Hilarious English
      The way Classic English is falling in standards presently
      we come across lots of other humor in the present spoken & written English too….

  4. s.n.singh says:

    teaches us a lesson or two, good one.

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