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Beting on horses in race courses;

Playing cards with vice, throwing a dice;

Speculate rains awaiting flow in drains;

Awaiting  cloudy vision in rainy season;

Remaining insane until bagging fiscal gain;

A, B, C & D be options in the K.B.C.;

Dial your choice, anticipate winning voice,

Aren’t these games gambling by names ?

Gambling being a crime, punitive anytime,

But for Big Guns, all is exempt like funs !

Our Noble Judiciary can but form a jury;

To preside its quorum with suitable forum,

Just to behold how such gambling they uphold;

And how they let  people assemble  so to gamble ?



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem
    Liked it very much

    But nowadays everything is sure turning into uncertainty & gamble,
    Cricket fixing is gamble, find gold coin in tea packet is a gamble,
    Winning prize through official lottery is a gamble,
    People want to earn not by proper work but by shortcuts and gamble,
    Life has become a big gamble, stirring out of house is a gamble.
    What can any one do when Govt also earns big money through gamble
    How can rampant gambling be stopped when administration & people are no more noble…

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, You are right,
      Sir ! There are innumerable activities of the category of
      gamble and everywhere to watch and rejoice most of us do
      assemble. ‘Might is right’ everywhere willy-nilly has ever to be
      endured and it’s a force that has to be procured ! The poem aims at enlightening that we often come across news of raids and captures applied only upon poor and forceless groups of
      ordinary people playing the mentioned gambles, whereas there are numerous notorious gambling dens existent under the umbrella of mighty delinquents unafraid of any raid and
      prosecution !

  2. Harish Chandra Lohumi says:

    Meaningful & messaging !!

  3. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    Lovely flow of thought revealed in the flow of words.

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