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The Grapevine….!

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The Grapevine….!

Sources close to power know of  this  inside  communication

“Just this useless RTI act has caused so much complication

From the little information(s) that got revealed due  RTI  in open

In spite of authorities monitored wisdom of hiding & hindrance   

What is not revealed being still lot more than revealed information

Now we  involved politicians in power & in our administration

Have made a firm united resolution after all relevant consideration

Let there be emergence  of scams or terrorist bomb explosions

Rampart corruption in country aiding all malpractices & operations

We can not at all allow a strong Lokpal bill  coming into position & operation

Over and above this dangerous RTI act which has caused such a commotion

Strong Lokpal Bill must now be delayed or shelved due its serious implications

Till we can pack up our bags of loot and coolly disappear from recognition

All citizens are indeed united against corruption for conducting soon a massive revolution

What happens to we involved politicians is indeed a very unknown worrisome situation.”  

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  1. rajivsrivastava says:

    Factuals are very well written.I don’t think that strong lokpal bill will ever come– yahan har sakh par choor baithe hai— ek dhoondne niklo ,chand kadmo main hi poori fauj mil jati hai— May God give us strength either to face it or change the whole corrupt system—- good one sir– congrats

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks for the comment & the vivid observation
      The situation is indeed extremely unhealthy for the nation
      Therefore all must head & heel support actively the civil societies & others vigorous ” Andolan” against corruption
      Institution of a strong Lokpal Bill being an impotant step in the right direction
      & defeat the sinister designs of the politicians & power involved in corruption

  2. Rajdeep says:

    Good one sir

  3. medhini says:

    A good poem on a burning
    issue, Vishvji.

  4. dr. paliwal says:

    very well said sirji…….

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