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“Hazardous stray hogs and dogs”

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“Hazardous stray hogs and dogs”


Stray hogs and dogs are found in underdeveloped cities,

Often creating havoc in normal daily human activities !

Hogs ever prefer loitering in dirty and filthy quagmire,

Thus making habitations too much contagious to admire !

They thus become prone to spread pandemic diseases,

Such as most commonly known swine fever damages !

That results in occurrence of numerous fatalic tolls,

The contagion being too speedy to forese total rolls !

Another probable panic is attributable to lingering stray dogs,

Who often search any eatables from any nearby garbage bogs !

Thus they are prone to become anytime direly hydrophobic,

Which causes their behaviour to be hazardously anti-aquatic !

Maddened by such attitude they are then furious and hostile,

Looking harum-scarum and biting everybody in offensive style !

Ultimately they are succumbed to death because of dehydration,

Leaving behind their bitten victims liable to urgent medication !

Such cases fall under the category of rabies and/or hydrophobia,

Frightening  the the whole surroundings so effected by dysphoria !

Municipal Board or Corporations must hence be vigilant ever,

To safeguard human life ere anyone’s turning into a cadaver !

Rabies and hydrophobia are fatalic diseases publicly known,

 Propagated from time to time via handbills and posters blown !

 A series of anti-rabic injections need be administered pronto,

 Being the only left remedy then to fight out such status quo !

That’s all the quandary sustained occasionally inside old cities,

Outside suburban areas are  similarly feared by naughty apes,

Who create no less havoc occasionally with their evil shapes !

Inside houses, people are also disturbed by arachnids hidden,

Pesticides are sprinkled then making their creeping forbidden !   




  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem so far.
    Per dictionary Hog also means “a selfish, gluttonous, or filthy person” and they also abound, are contagious & seem to be increasing in their population in the corrupt growing immoral atmosphere of the present days, more harmful to the society & peace than the stray hogs & dogs…. 🙂

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