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English Poetry



The term of 24 hours denotes a day or date to commence and conclude,

The day dwells well within the date until sunset when it is apt to extrude !

Commonly understood, the day is denoted by daily sunrise and sunset,

Crowing of cock and dawn chorus from dawn to dusk synchronize that ! 

Thus, to say, the day appears bright until twilight is followed by dark,

Whilst the date covers round-the-clock period right up to the mark !

At the midnight point, both day and date synchronously conclude,

Just after that, the next day and date unfailingly happen to intrude !

But while referring to any occasional event both are homogeneous,

Exempli gratia, for Birthday=Date of birth; Doomsday=Date of demise;

Foolsday=Befooling day; X-mas Day=Birthday of Christ; Children’s Day=

Birthday of J.L. Nehru; Independence Day=Date of India’s becoming

Independent; Republic Day=Date of India’s becoming Republic, etc, etc.

So, on the one hand the day denotes duration of brightness on date,

While on the aforesaid aspects day and date be homogeneous to state !

The Sun is the Sole Creator of all such day-to-day physical geography,

Facilitating study and research of multitudinous horizontal cosmography !

Cock-crowing and dawn chorus are time-bound to make us awake,

Synchronous to the phenomenal sunrise and sunset with no mistake !

Pleasant spreading of glowing reddish lustre of sunrise on the east,

Induces motion and commotion among every living human or beast !

Save nocturnal creatures, every living-being seems then frolicsome,

Creating hustle and bustle hic et ubique entertaining in burgsome !

Forested fields, farms and grounds then and there exhibit beateous scenery,

Looking afresh with mildly glowing solar beams/rays exalting all greenery !

Varying livestock appears wandering, hunting, fighting, eating, merry-making,

Human ploughers, farmers, travellers or strangers doing their jobs until aching !



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem of unusual but hearty deliberation & content
    and of some glorious words and terminologies now forgotten or in oblivion.
    Hearty commends for such a difficult but facile poem
    And why don’t we call “Honeymoon Day” like “Independence day” is a perplexing question….

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, Grateful
      thanks ! an As I think, HONEY-MOON doesn’t need to be
      followed by day or night, either – irrespective of time of
      any day or date, but rather it’s preferred as and when
      it is chanced !

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