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Anthology 2013 Entries, English Poetry



No soul desires it,

But it is bound to happen.

Bitter-most truth past death,

It sounds like Separation!


Not the rain from heaven,

But from eyes trails its way.

Every heart is left soaring,

Down its path, it always lay.


Some show, some hide

But all of them sweat cold.

Brutally shakes every mind,

Be it too young or even too old.


The cheerful memories come alive,

While cheer itself depart.

Apologies come all around,

As away goes thee cart.


Perhaps the only thing,

Even time can’t heal.

Unknown wants to remember it,

But it is hard-to-forget feel.


“Hey God”, I pray today

“Don’t befall this upon your sons!”

“They won’t survive the weight”

“Because you made ‘em delicate ones!”


“Hey it’s God!” I heard

“I’ve made you too tough to be torn”

“Just a scratch should’nt worry you!”

“As like always, the show must go on…”


  1. Gion Gion says:

    “The cheerful memories come alive,

    While cheer itself depart.”
    Very realistic poem showing the dual sides of death and loss, captured well in these lines.
    What is the soul and how do we experience it?
    Worthy of rereading,

  2. Vishvnand says:

    The poem is a superb muse
    Life itself a separation from its very base
    Any creation a separation from its creator
    Why we say they are connected together.
    Liked immensely the poem & the prayer.

    Hearty commends

  3. Sahil says:

    KeeP iT uP.! 8)
    n tujhe ”sab kuch aata hai”! 😛

    • Tarun says:

      @Sahil, Thanx Sahil. But MKNA!!!! 🙂

      • kusumgokarn says:

        Bit difficult to follow your thought flow on the topic of Separation.
        Following line is bit confusing in understanding –
        ‘As away goes thee cart’.
        Line’ Don’t befall this’ sounds grammatically incorrect.
        It could be better phrased as –
        ‘Don’t let this befall on your sons’.

        • Tarun says:

          @kusumgokarn, Thanx for the advice………..quite good. And the line symbolises a scene when a two people separate….one just sees the other going away (in a cart, in this case)…….

  4. bhupesh gupta says:

    It is an admirable poem on the inevitability of separation. Calling it the bitter-most truth past death is great.
    But I feel there is a careless mistake. In line 14 it should be cheer itself depart(s).
    Above all its an extremely laudable poem like all your other poems.

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