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“Alliterative Exemplary Enunciations”

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English Poetry

“Alliterative Exemplary Enunciations”

(Alphabetically A to M)


Astrologers always assume auguries approximating auto-biographies !

Battered babies beget belligerent badass behaviour !

Corruptionists can candidly cogitate corruption condemnation !

Daily domestic drudgery direly demands divided dutifulness !

Eligibility ever endows equitable employment !

Fashion fever formulates fantasy fertilizing foreign fabrics !

Government gerrymanders gainful galleries giving gallant governance !

High-hearted Hitler heinously hit humanity hacking his hostile hoi-polloi !

Indira identified India in independent international industrial

individuality !

Jaipuria Johry-bazar jazzes up je-ne-sais-quoi jubilantly !

Kerala kindles knack of knowledge keeping kilted kiddies’ kinship

in kindergarten !

Law and legislature lay down labyrinthine lanes of litigation !

Money matters most in managing, marketing, marrying,  merry-making,

monitoring, more and more !

 By A.K. Goswami.

N to Z yet to follow…..


  1. Vishvnand says:

    Elegant Idea is this ““Alliterative Exemplary Enunciation”
    Sure to give joy to the readers towards assimilation
    A to M has been enjoyed fully before lunch during AM
    N to Z awaited eagerly to enjoy after lunch during PM

  2. kusumgokarn says:

    Hats off to your command over English vocabulary.

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