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“Bacchanalian Bachelor Party”

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English Poetry

Bacchanalian Bachelor Party”


December ever ends with New Year’s Eve celebrations,

Identical to Bacchanalian Bachelor Party deliberations !

So called stag-nights or hen-nights have become trendy,

Brooms, brides and their patrons like its modus operandi !

Invited friends, relatives and celebrities go wild rejoicing,

Gulping beverages, rum, whisky with babel of iffy voicing !

Ritual conventions and traditions are dwindling as obsolete,

Ceremonial pandits also minimized mantras and its repeat !

Even orthodox veterans so have to partake of such fashion,

Willy-nilly bidding blessings over and above their passion !

Modernization needs elimination of all obsolete impositions,

Which bear no any logical, scientific or tenable suppostions !

What is all needed now is to usher towards prosperous path,

Whether you have only dry-cleaned yourself without a bath !

Blind beliefs are tantamount to backwardness and melancholy,

Adherence thereto is a historically proven impertinent folly !

That’s why any superstitious nation proved underdeveloped,

It could prosper only after keeping superstitions enveloped !

India is such an example to succeed unto her titanic vanity,

Strong enough now even to retaliate any atomic calamity !

Our Vedic culture and its dogmas yet cannot be ruled out,

Vedas are guiding oracles of enlightenment without doubt !

To gain Gift of God and go ahead for any benefit we solicit,

Deep devotional and prolonged penance is a prerequisite !

That’s why present generation ever prefers primrose path,

To pleasantly pass present life unmindful of its aftermath !











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  2. Vishvnand says:

    Beautiful poem indeed of delighting enlightenment & essence
    Deserving commends & hearty appreciation
    But how to stop degradation of morals & values is at present defeating all commonsense
    बचके रहना from Bacchanalian Parties & such dubious entertainments is difficult for the present generation
    Due commercialization & inroads into our culture by sponsored vested westernization

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @Vishvnand, Grateful thanks
      for concrete elucidation ! Methinks, there is no harm if any
      enlightening ideas are laid down before the generation with an
      optimistic view ! The ball then remains on the side of upgrowing
      generation for fair or foul play !

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