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Dec 2011 Contest, English Poetry

Were it not for you, Oh dreams,

With all the magic of streams,

And streams of rainbow hues,

That kindle in the heart’s sinews,

The rapture of a rhapsody,

How drab would life then be!

Like a bird without plumes,

Like a garden without blooms,

Like a perfumeless bouquet,

Like a leafless tree in May,

Like a banquet without wine,

Like a soul-less shrine.

Oh fancies of the brain,

With your colourful train,

Sweet  nourishment of the heart,

 When friendly hopes depart,

Come, hasten like a ray of light,

Amidst life’s blinding night.



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Intense poem on dreams and indeed very meaningfully beautiful
    A life lived with such beautiful dreams is the life successful & wonderful

  2. kanchana says:

    The last four lines make the crown.Lovely like a early morning dream…

  3. medhini says:

    Beautiful poem on dreams,Kusum.
    Life and the world will be
    barren without dreams.

  4. rajendra sharma'vivek' says:

    Kusum ji …very beutifull poem about dream

  5. Gaurav Saxena says:

    liked it immensely
    very nice creation…

  6. lovely lines built and woven around nice rhymings.

  7. sonal goswami says:

    wonderful poem liked it very much..:)

  8. sonal says:

    Very nice poem ma’am.

  9. Hi Kusum ,
    That has a musical quality like the dreams . Loved the lines
    ” like a soul-less shrine ‘.

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