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Personality cool, Beauty fool ….!

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Personality cool, Beauty fool ….!

You are a beauty, who says not,
But I am a fool, for I am tempted not
Beauty to me is not skin deep,
Beyond the skin, I want to peep,
The treasure is in the personality,
Where lies the real beauty & its quality,
To the eyes, beautiful someone may be not,
But in ones mind the beauty gets defined,
What is it that causes such feelings?
Is often beyond logic & understanding,
Beauty; is it natural or is a put on?
Thinking about it you will only waste time,
For there is difference in one’s body & one’s mind.
And depends whether you think from body or mind
Animals think from body, humans from mind.

The formula is simple for a wining personality,
Be always your natural “self” reflecting gratitude,
Never forgetting your divine Godsend boons & glory
You will appear to your own self & others as natural & lovely
And your life will unfold like a beautiful story.
You will not need to worry about your beauty & personality
For everything about you will impact as beautiful, cool, genuine & of quality
What is told here is not a mystery but a known fact forgotten ordinarily.

  “ Vishvnand “


  1. ashwini kumar goswami says:

    Very vivid elucidation of inner and outer beauty ! A great many
    thanks, Sir !

  2. s.n.singh says:

    profound and effective chain of thoghts.

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