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English Poetry

The holy prophesies will sure come true.

No time the humans find to grieve and rue. 

The darkest nights will glow with infant Sun

and days will cool with Moon in vibrant run.


His advent; skies are crooning, oh listen.

O’ see the hopeful smiles of stars’ glisten.

Behold the rivers flow with glitzy glow;

hearken the oceans roar “Jayaho! Jayahoo!.”


Beware O’ men; before that sacred dawn

the dancing demons of the darkness go

allegro! Blow their creepy clarions

and with askance and dread your hearts they stow!


I know; the hideous looks beautiful;

the beautiful frightens with face dreadful.

The right looks wrong and wrong looks right and lo

the searching saints are hit by panic blow!


But wait till ushers in the lovely dawn

when quelling all the qualms, flexes HE, His brawn!!





  1. Vishvnand says:

    Beautifully penned poem indeed of real hope in time of despair
    God no doubt is watching, listening to all our pleadings & prayers
    And in due time will sure arrange to punish severely the corrupt & sinners,
    who are greedy insincere, cruel causing good human beings to suffer.

    Hearty Commends for the poem…

    • kusumgokarn says:

      Really a frightful prophecy of our dangerous times fraught with uncertainty from dusk to dawn.
      As wished by you, we need a mighty avatar to descend and rein the juggernaut of evil -doers.

  2. parminder says:

    Loved the poem. Surely, all that personifies the wicked, does get erased by the goodness lurking here and there. The one above always makes sure of that!!

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