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And you remember

holding those handles

I stood looking at the fading distance


in the lined up cloudstretch

Crowds pull in, signals: red, yellow, green

Announcements: kavi subhash, kavi nazrul* …., words start falling

sounds shrink.

This sudden pull

my back seemed grappled

before I knew, appetence

was all over me

spitting, salivating, satiating

voices were too loud, rattling

in the race of the time,

all that was left of me:

a piece of thews

for those hundred days hungry,




*Kolkata metro station.

(100s of girls, women, children reduce to mere fleshes. Some weep, some lose battles, some earn titles of being whore…we have learnt to grow with it…after all we are all resilient!)

N.B: This is not merely a picture of a dark, dim, politically charged up Kolkata. This is a story of any, every place women irrespective of age go through: violation.



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Very hurting heartrending poem on the utterly sad situation
    Is this atrocity & inhumanity in built in human psyche or is there really any solution to such crimes and criminals elimination,
    or only lip sympathy is seen everywhere and media is busy improving their TRP highlighting such stories for entertainment consumption
    Is it enough that we middle class are just occupied with protecting our own kith and kin from this inhuman degradation
    The matter is very serious for them, us all & society’s function
    The real caliber for overcoming this menace however appears beyond capability of present human organization

    Commends for a superb poem

    • purabi says:

      Respected Sir,
      Thank you for leaving such a long long message. trust me, the rampant state of lawlessness, violation of human rights,women left to wail, weep in a century which is pseudo moving ahead…I am left wondering how far have we actually advanced.
      yes, the poetry holds my pain, my anger…i had no other platform to share this but here…
      Regards sent across.

  2. Apurva Bharat Gaglani says:

    good poem “Them”.

  3. purabi says:

    thanks@ kusum. well, my poetry explains enough what message it holds. appetence= lust, thews=flesh. hope this should now help you out. anyway, thank you for dropping by. leaves any writer encouraged…

  4. Rajdeep says:

    I have read it twice
    and then i have added it to my favorite,
    You have taken my mind to the world created by well chosen words and very hard theme and you did it successfully.
    Poignant poem
    Your Deep

  5. parminder says:

    Sad, poignant, all the words used above so befit the poem. It is sad that in a Nation which is supposed to be developing, (pseudo moving, as you so aptly put it) respect for the fairer sex is sadly lacking. Very impacting composition.

    • purabi says:

      Honor killing, sexual assault, abuses are being reported or often go unreported. Within the curtains there are whimpers. Very unfortunate it is that the ‘jeans culture’ too couldn’t unmask the rusticity that is in our genes!

      21 more centuries further, people would continue discussing the same.Nothing has changed from where we started.SAD!@Parminder: thank u so much for dropping by…

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