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Mistakes are not blunders ….!

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Mistakes are not blunders ….!

Biggest blunder in life
Is to be afraid of making mistakes
It is a blunder, one can not estimate
How many chances of growing in life
One has unfortunately lost & put at stake
Due this fear of making mistakes

Taking risks, making mistakes & learning from it
Correcting self and going ahead with undefeated spirit
Is in short the experiencing of life every one must cherish

There’s obviously a big difference between a blunder & a mistake
It is a wonder we confuse & this easy difference we don’t make
Unfortunately believing every mistake is a blunder we make

The problem with most elders & knowledgeable is also this
Mistakes of youngsters they criticize as if blunder is made
How can the youngsters get encouraged if this is the state?
And go into ventures elders never even thought or made

We need to organize in a way that is very simple & straight
A mistake has not to be repeated & a blunder never to be made
This means mistakes that take place we correct & learn from it
And take calculated risks which was a blunder if that we never did.

Committing crime is more like a mistake so is a judgment’s wrong pronouncement
& years of indecision, delay in judgment, no punishment to culprits, a blunder immense

” Vishvnand “


  1. kusumgokarn says:

    To err is human.
    As long as one realises one’s mistake and or blunder and takes measures to correct it, no harm.

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @kusumgokarn, To err is human and to forgive is divine ! So humans are prone to
      stray in the way anytime !
      The poem is quite knowledgeable and suggestive over
      and above any perspective ! Brightening 5-stars would
      be an incentive !

    • Vishvnand says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      What I want to impress in the post is that mistake is not be confused with a blunder. Not to be afraid of making mistakes makes one take bold risks and progress in life. Effect of a mistake affects only the person or his family and can be corrected as we go along in life. For an individual fearing making mistake and not taking risk to grow is a blunder in life for him.

      Generally blunders are huge mistakes consequences of which tend to affect the society, the nation and the world at large and are made by big leaders & personalities. One such blunder is our accepting the Independence with partition of India on grounds of religion into Pakistan as a Muslim country & Bharat as secular, consequences of which we have seen in the past and continue to witness & bear.

  2. All mistakes are not blunders, but all blunders are usually very big mistakes.

    • Vishvnand says:

      @Apurva Bharat Gaglani
      Thanks for the comment.
      A line about whether you liked the poem or not & preferably rating the poem would have been a worthy feedback. This is my personal feeling may be agreed to or not.
      Mistakes are always just mistakes and not blunders and are not expensive to correct or mend; don’t cause much damage.
      Blunders are blunders, to call them even a big mistake is not correct, Blunders are those which don’t remain personalized, cause heavy losses in all aspects to society, the nation and the world at large.

      It is politicians and political parties who call opposition party’s mistakes as blunders and their own party’s and partymen’s blunders as mistakes to fool the public and think they can get away with due to our slow judicial system unable to punish the blunderers. Very unfortunate situation.

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