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English Poetry

That sleepless night didn’t go a waste, in sloth.

Fistfuls of twinkling stars I could amass;

I jumped and hopped in milky moonlight froth

and etched my worthless name on skies, in gloss.


My nights, with eyes open, I dreamt daydreams

and during days, eyes closed, recalled those nights

and spoiled papers reams and reams and reams.

One day I found my weighty poems at heights

of skies, in my kid’s tender hands, as buoyant kites.



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Poem & illustration of elegant delight
    weighty poems at heights
    in kid’s hands as buoyant kites.
    Muse I have immensely enjoyed
    hearty commends for the write.

    • anuradha says:

      @Vishvnand, Respected Visvnad ji,
      Many thanks for your heartfelt comments. This poem was composed in Spenserian stanza, one of the oldest forms of classical verse. Except the last line, the entire poem runs in iambic pentameter; the last line in hectameter allowing the poet two extra syllables to give a good finish. I didn’t reveal earlier; I belong to the group “World Renaissance for Classical Poetry’, headed by Dr.H.Tulsi, the founder and editor of Internationally acclaimed classical poetry journal, METVERSE MUSE, totally dedicated to various classical forms of poetry. Dr.Tulsi’s poems can be read in http://www.poemhunter.com also. She composed almost in all classical forms of English poetry and training a number of pupils in that discipline.

      • Vishvnand says:

        Thank you so very much. You would have known I give my comments as a reader spontaneously on the poem on the basis of how the poem strikes me and is felt within, rather than from any classical or deep knowledge on the subject..
        I am very delighted to read your elucidation about the form of the poem and source for getting more knowledge on classical poetry.
        The reply is informative, enlightening & a very happy surprise to me going by what you say about yourself in your profile. I would therefore now wish your delighting us more by giving your considered comments too on poems shared here by other members which would benefit members as also you would find jelling with your passion for poetry and acquired knowledge.

        • anuradha says:

          @Vishvnand, Respected Visvnand ji, You always encouraged all the poets here with your nicest comments. Your pure mind and loving heart are evident through your words. I sure will read and comment on others poems. In fact I read almost all the poems posted here. But rarely comment. Hereafter I do comment. Our group’s humble intention is to bring back the glory of classical poetry by encouraging more and more poets to try classical verses. Some 6 years ago Dr.Tulsi encouraged me to take up metrical verse and by her grace I leart a little. Some of the poems I posted earlier were composed to meter like Affluence, I know nothing etc. Thanks once again. i always seek your blessings.
          With best regards,

  2. dhananjay says:

    lovely imagery….worth a read more than twice 🙂

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