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Both election and selection are equivocal,

Interlinked with each other as reciprocal  !

Virtually the latter is phenomenally greater,

A bit ahead of bilaterally common equator !

Before deciding candidature for election,

We have to find out someone for selection !

Selection is a prerequisite of any such action,

Election is thus literally a fraction of selection !

Notwithstanding, election matures by a majority,

While selection is possible even by any authority ! 

To say, our nation envisages free and fair elections,

While corrupt sources have become conventions !

Castism, goondaism, nepotism, racism, regionalism

Have become dominant, notwithstanding patriotism !

Both election and selection are affected by such evils,

The youth can only ameliorate it if they be dare-devils !




  1. Sunil says:

    A poem most apt to the state of poltics in our country, hope it igniteds the youth of this nation to banish the devil of corruption.

  2. Vishvnand says:

    A very meaningful poem beautifully penned
    To correct the situation now is rightly only in bright & bold young hands

    Selection & elections has “s” prefixed in the former & suffixed in the later
    Meaning “S” playing the most important part in selection earlier and after elections.
    Sanctity of both depends on what meaning you assign to the letter “S” which dictates either 🙂

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