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“Identical Identities & Homophones”

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English Poetry

“Identical Identities & Homophones”


A Barrister has to be sometime a Shyster ! (Barrister/Shyster)

The Judge has to work like a drudge ! (Judge/Drudge)

A lisping person calls ‘school’ as ‘stool” ! (School/Stool)

Cricket is a game of wicket and also an arachnid ! (Cricket/Wicket)

Contest envisages real test to taste ! (Contest/test/taste)

Bale and bail are homophonous like dad and dead ! (dad/dead)

Sudden visit of a Minister seems sinister ! (Minister/Sinister)

Estranged spouse becomes strange ! (Estrange/strange)

She was overwhelmed to see the largest sea ! (She/see/sea)

I am sad to have said so to her ! (sad/said)

We sat at the stage well set ! (sat/set)

I have injured my eye during play ! (I/eye)

I had to cudgel my head to find the clue ! (had/head) 

Our bed has become too bad to use any more ! (bed/bad)

No need to know everything about the couple ! (No/know)

He couldn’t bear to quaff a quart of beer ! (bear/beer)

Sudden brake of our car for a short break for breakfast ! (Brake/break)

The hare has soft shining hair ! (Hare/hair)

Our ‘inlaws bid us farewell after our fairing well for our welfare !

(Farewell/fair well/welfare) 

Your legal heir is here to hear you, dear ! (Here/hear/heir)

Their parents were already there where they reached  ! (Their/there)                                                                                                                                                                                                       

The water flowing in the creek was making a creak ! (Creek/creak)

 Forelegs of the fourfooted animals are stronger for action !


The grey hair need no dye when anybody dies ! (Dye/die)

 MAY BE MORE SO……..e.g., Bat/bet/bait; stair/stare; seat;sheet;

tell/tail; vide/wide; dew/due; what/watt; come/cum;

tire/tyre; ream/reem; line/lion/loin; caught/cot; coat/quote,

not/note/knot/nought; knight/night; panel/penal; threw/

through; coarse/course; of/off; ton/tone; gait/gate; batter/

better, can/cane; pan/pen/pain; pant/paint; collar/colour;

dawn/don; crain/crane; saint/sent/scent; dear/deer; liar/

lawyer; daughter/dotter; lo/low; blew/blue; would/wood;

ear/year; cite/sight/site; quiet/quite; cough/cuff; gnat/net;

pat/pet; self/shelf’; cell/sell; selfish/shelfish; knack/neck,

meat/meet; dait/date; rite/right/write; grain/grane; late/let; son/sun;

vice/voice; assay/essay; governance/government; vest/west;

wait/weight, hat/hate; raise/raze; cadge/cage; wage/ways; raid/

read/red; dose/doze, way/weigh; Bi/Bye; pray/prey; tea/tee; scene/

seen; hay/hey; might/mite; mat/met; grate/great; our/hour; file/phial;

earn/urn; lair/layer; vet/wet; pour/power; to/too; artist/artiste, reason/

region; aptitude/attitude; ankle/uncle; miner/minor; major/measure;

tan/ten; than/then, vim/whim; so/sow/show; heroin/heroine;

calendar/calender; main/mane; mint/minute; coma/comma;

caught/cot; taught/tot, etc., etc.






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    Enjoyable and delighting to read is indeed so far this matter
    What would you call ” To get her” closing in to become “Together”

    Looking forward for the continuation further

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