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March 2012 Contest, Uncategorized


He lives a man and she lives a lady,

clad differently, so be,

they may agree or utterly disagree

in the power of to-be.


Of such means we spume,

 in classifications of the womb.

Choose not one, why assume

and regret of whom.


In spine and purpose,

they gather their own truss,

in whose comfort and in its husk,

who see each given’ across.


One pretends patience, when the other’s annoyed,

nothing really stands divide.

The rules are slated and who the best abides

is applauded for their strides.


She roles a mother and comforts strife

and may irate, in sake of goodness, as a wife.

She could task, for bread and knife

and amaze in different roles of life.


As father, he is there upon, a shelter and strength,

he may press his intensions, of what he wants and meant.

Though his love is deep and locked, in situations to vent

and as a mother, the power love, equally he can paint.


So not spume,

in classifications of whom.

one is a bride and the other is a groom

both remarkable to assume.


I have submitted this on March 31st 2012 as per EST time, please consider for the contest. 



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem of beautiful balanced view
    Good if both men & women it’s meaning chew.
    Men who care for & give due respect to women
    Are men who in turn are respected as gentlemen by women
    It is always mutual, none is superior none inferior.

    Beautiful poem
    liked immensely

    देर आये दुरुस्त आये
    but why visit p4poetry lately so very hardly
    and make it a casualty 🙂

  2. anuradha says:

    Very interesting poem; especially the chosen structure and the rhyming. The theme is well handled; thought provoking.

    • Ulhas Kavle says:


      Thank you so much……..the only point in putting this poem is that, I wanted to put something different……….Though it may not be a Winner……….but for sure it is different.

  3. medhini says:

    Both men & women have their
    own respective roles to live.Nice
    one, indeed,Ulhas.

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