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English Poetry



In our life-span, there occur a number of occasions,
That place us betwixt evocations and provocations !
Phenomenally then we keep pondering with anxiety,
Anticipating or expecting to enjoy ecstatic propriety !
Exemplified as follows, are such specific occasions,
That are worth classifying as our sustainable vocations !
Arrival/departure time; exam results; welcome; rains;
Salary/wages; ships;  aeroplanes; omnibuses; trains;
Delivery; Surgery; Treatment; prophecies; competitions;
Due phone-calls; speculation;  lottery; race; exhibitions; 
Good dinner/supper; duels; honeymoon; search; tickets, target;
Dating; election; selection; housing; gambling; share market;
Devotion; employment; queue; promotion; reversion; conjecture;
Literary/poetic composition; restoration; magic; healing of fracture;
Booking; cooking; looking for; sowing; reaping; reservation;   
Battle/war; blackout; compromise; retaliation; healing of health;   
Postage; telegram; filmy end; wealth, and the figure after twelfth !    
We humans by nature are often egoistic, envious, anxious or ecstatic,
Hence ever fallible by incitement, inducement or any device strategic !
Anticipations or expectations dwell in our optimistic or pessimistic calibre,
Knowing not that these mature only at the mercy of  Greatest Mother Nature !
 Notwithstanding, we ought to, hence, worship ever Mother Universe earnestly,
To endow our welfare by regular devotion and good deeds endeavoured honestly !  



  1. Vishvnand says:

    Nice poem.
    Liked the subject, idea & its lucid presentation

    (felt the word “evocations ” in line 2 may not be appropriate in the context)

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