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“Cowardly Or Mandatory Kills”

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English Poetry

“Cowardly Or Mandatory Kills”


Divine Dogma is that all living animals or creatures are liable to die !

God only knows everyone’s fate with no chance of how, when and why ?

Bactericide, carnage, foeticide, germicide, homicide, insecticide,

massacre, matricide, patricide, slaughter, suicide and vermicide !

These are categories made known as imposed preternatural death,

Either in the public interest or under whim of circumstantial wrath !

We have got to sustain such events off and on in our life-span,

Which do occur on the face of the Government despite any ban !

Any motion or commotion arises only when any VVIP cries,

Just like Filmy Hero Amir Khan or any such identical guys !

Leaving aside major slaughters of chickens, roosters, calves, cows,

Deer, fishes, goats and sheep, he high-lighted only female foeticide,

Which orthodox patriarchal clans only do kill the foetus with pride !

Was it his attempt to lionize himslef amongst only feminine folk,

By pin-pointing the issue eclipsing the major issues kept in lock ?

As amongst crores of people, the number of foeticide is negligible, 

Other major slaughters, carnage are encouraged as vividly visible !

Carnivores, hunters or terrorists are the cruel criminals and culprits,

As the Government and its governance comprise of identical addicts !  

The humane principle of ‘Live and let live’ seems to be now obsolete,

That’s why proliferating incessantly the criminal gangsters we bleat !                                               





  1. shubroto says:

    yes…totally agree wid ur insight….der are tons of hazards posing a danger to our mere existence…bt we shud appreciate amir’s efforts…though in d form of a tv show 2 earn money…he has encouraged ppl to come forward and talk abt things…and d awareness he is spreading is noteworthy…very few celebrities in india hve used deir popularity 4 public interest…though its a small step…we shud appreciate and help our bit…2 make it big…!!!

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @shubroto, Kills by carnage, foeticide, homicide, massacre, matricide, patricide, butchery, hunting, slaughter and suicide are cowardly and heinous crimes
      unlike bactericide, germicide or insecticide which are in the interest of public health ! Wide mobile crusade preferred by Amir Khan was commendable, of course to win vox populi without demur, but the priority of crusade for other kills mentioned hereinabove seems to be over-ridden merely in the interest of carnivores, hunters,shooters or meat-eaters. My poem aims at high-lighting such eclipsed or neglected major kills ! Foeticide is also a cruelty but with only numbered cases
      and it is not exposed openly in toto, but rather preferred clandestinely either in the interest of family planning or to preclude
      against burden of family drudgery for free-living with juvenile look in the society !

  2. Vishvnand says:

    An emphatic poem of meaning on the subject for pondering & self action.
    Liked very much the forthright & frank style & presentation

    Re. Amir Khan’s program it is claimed large part of collection goes to charitable associations
    So is exception quite commendable for the issues handled too expose genuine public concern

    Indeed “The humane principle of ‘Live and let live’ seems to be now obsolete”
    And word “Ahinsa” is being politically thurst to make public quietly bear on them the harassment & atrocities 🙂

  3. suresh says:

    Amazing expression sir with all respect to your powerful writing…great

  4. parminder says:

    Strong take on the atrocities going on and the inaction from the higher ups. But solutions can be found by spreading awareness about these atrocities. Does anybody initiate ?

    • ashwini kumar goswami says:

      @parminder, Today’s need
      lies only in the national youth who could but initiate action through
      crusades or so-and-so to succeed in, as far as I conjecture !

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